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Over 40% of Top Specialty Running Shops in the U.S. Use Promoboxx

Running Insight Magazine recently released its annual list of the top 50 specialty running stores in the U.S. We congratulate these retailers and are proud to say that over 40% of them are using Promoboxx to simplify their digital marketing efforts.

With their impact on local communities, expert product knowledge, and superior service, specialty retailers are the best way to engage and influence consumers, all while exposing brands in a premium way. This is why leading footwear brands rely on their specialty retail network to meaningfully connect with dedicated runners.

Understanding the importance of investing in the success of these specialty retailers, brands like Mizuno (our work together recently highlighted) and New Balance partner with Promoboxx. Through the Promoboxx marketing platform, they provide their specialty retailers with a simple, effective digital marketing solution that creates connection and alignment from the brand level down.

How the Stores Were Selected

According to Running Insight, the stores were chosen based heavily on consumer feedback and nominations. Nominated stores were then asked to submit a survey and provide details about their stores and their community involvement. This combined information was used to create the list of the 50 best specialty running stores in the U.S.

Why Top Specialty Running Stores Love Promoboxx

Congratulations to all of the stores that were selected for the top 50! Here are just a few of those who are using Promoboxx to help with their digital marketing efforts:

A Snail’s Pace (voted #2 in the U.S.)a snail's pace

What are they saying about Promoboxx?

“I have found Promoboxx to be wonderfully intuitive and easy to navigate.”

Fleet Feet Sports, Rochester (voted #4 in the U.S.)fleet feet sports

What are they saying about Promoboxx?

“We could always be doing more social media, and Promoboxx is the perfect tool to help us do that.”

Potomac River Running Inc.
potomac river running

What are they saying about Promoboxx?

“The platform is unbelievably streamlined. The access to digital brand content at our fingertips whenever we want it is the biggest benefit. The creative suggestions are very helpful, too.”

Marathon Sportsmarathon sports

What are they saying about Promoboxx?

“It’s very simple, very easy. It’s nice to be able to just log on, access brand content, and with a few clicks, you’re ready to go.”

Run for Your Liferun for your life

What are they saying about Promoboxx?

“I love the ease of use and access to high-quality brand content. The ability to schedule social posts is very helpful, as well.”

Take a look at some of the awesome co-branded New Balance and Mizuno campaigns as promoted by these specialty retailers through Promoboxx:

fleet feet sports

Example Facebook mobile ad & co-branded landing page

run for your life

Example co-branded Facebook share

Provide Your Retailers with an Easy Digital Marketing Solution

Today, to successfully reach and engage local consumer audiences, specialty retailers like these need access to a digital marketing solution that is not only effective but as easy as 1-2-3. This is where brands can step in and take the lead. Contact us and get started today >

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