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Ready for the rebuild? We are too with Promoboxx Paid for Hyperlocal Advertising!

We’re proud to announce the release of our new Promoboxx Paid Platform! This Hyperlocal Multi-Location Retail Marketing platform allows brands to be in control with self service access to ad campaign creation, automation and distribution within Promoboxx. Create Facebook/Instagram Video, Carousel, Single image, and Story ad formats targeting specific groups/collections of retailers that you have in mind.

At a time when the focus is on rebuilding local communities and local economies, Promoboxx Paid allows you to create and send locally targeted ads through your retail network all in one place. And by eliminating our advertising fees in 2020, every ad dollar you spend goes towards supporting your brand and your retailers. Our enterprise multi-location marketing automation solution unifies big-brand capabilities to their individual retail locations with an easy to use, intuitive UI.

Step 1

Paid Ads allow brands to amplify their brand messaging and unify it with their local retailer audiences to optimize reach and engagement goals. Paid is ideal for brands focused on implementing specific marketing budgets, objectives, targeting, ad formats, CTAs, measurement and tracking.

Step 2

Current struggles considering recent events

With COVID-19 more consumers are spending time browsing, shopping, and seeking entertainment online. With many local retail locations still unable to fully open their doors to abide by social distancing guidelines, retailers need additional support from brands to help drive sales online or by phone.

Step 3

Many small businesses have not been considered essential, so supporting independent retailers with ad dollars promoting “home delivery” (for pet food, cycling accessories, etc.) or sidewalk pick up could make a profound impact to affected retailers during this time. The Promoboxx network has tens of thousands of retailers all working to support their local communities.  That means your message can be amplified to create millions of paid impressions targeted for your retailers’ local customers.

Digital advertising rates are currently at an unprecedented low. While at the same time, social consumer activity is at an all time high.  You can use this opportunity to expand your brand’s reach and connect with new customers.  Build the relationships and loyalty that your retailers and customers will remember for years to come.

Solving for multi-location marketing

Corporate marketing teams have limited knowledge of the local communities where they’re running ads. Retailers have unique relationships within their communities. Whether it’s hiking the same trails, or having kids that go to the same school, these are more than just retail locations. They are communities, neighborhoods, and friend groups. Local retailers nurture daily interactions with the local customers learning and understanding specific needs and preferences of customers.

Promoboxx gives your brand the tools needed to be able to leverage the unique community connection between local store managers and the customers that they know best. Supporting these retailers with equal ad spend online can increase brand awareness, create value, and ultimately drive more in-store sales.

Using Promoboxx Paid, all retail locations, and therefore communities, benefit equally. Instead of broad programmatic optimization which would make all spend go to geographies that generate most clicks (i.e. NYC). Promoboxx Paid distributes the funds equally to chosen retail locations via collections/segments to support and grow sales. By setting the Facebook ad budget at the retail level, retailers in NYC and Omaha, Nebraska will get the same amount of support.

Retailers need brand support

Between March 30 and April 14, we’ve surveyed 116 of our retailers across all of our verticals in order to gain more insight on what changes they’re seeing in their business due to COVID-19 and how brands can help support them during this time and 65% need help driving local online business and 50% requested Paid local ad support.  And we expect this to be an even greater need as our communities begin resuming economic activity.

The top programs and support that retailers want today from brands:

Here’s how it works

Promoboxx Paid makes it easy for both brands and retailers.  For brands, it’s four easy steps.  For retailers using our premium ad dashboard, brand sponsored campaigns can be launched in two clicks.

Get started today

Restrictions in local communities are beginning to ease. There’s no better time to support your retailers and their communities now and to plan for future initiatives as retailers reopen. Use this time to help retailers deliver the inventory that is currently in stock using online  and  phone sales, and by providing branded ads that keep their stores busy.

According to our recent survey, retailers have adapted quickly to changes in consumer behavior.  They are rapidly adopting technology and changing their processes in order to survive and even thrive.

Your retailers are looking for content, advertising support, and Co-op dollars that you can provide.  Promoboxx will continue to work with you and your retailers to provide the resources, the platform, and the guidance. Get started now with no fees from Promoboxx.

Want to learn more and try it for your next campaign? Contact your Customer Success Manager, or our head of paid,  Adriana Zeman.