Ben Carcio

Watching my 9 month old son learn to crawl, it’s clear that humans move little without incentive. By laying a breadcrumb trail of Cheerios, the cubby-cute, but nearly sedentary child springs into action.

We were digging around for some worthy contest submission sites to help our customers market their Promoboxx social promotions better but, we couldn’t find many worth mentioning.

Are you considering a marketing tool or agency to run your online social promotions on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn? Here are 4 simple questions to remember to ask.

With the hyper-crazy-growth of group buying sites, like Groupon, small businesses should be careful with overusing the “overwhelming offer.”

Your online social promotions should be just like butter. Not the saturated with fat part, but the spreadable everywhere part.

An effective social promotion should follow two simple rules; be clean and be mean.

UPDATE: We named a company in the below blog post, but after clearing the air with those involved and also finding them to be a stand-up organization full of good people, we’ve decided to remove mention of their name. Even though this post now looks like a CIA document, its still an interesting story. – …

Given that we tout Promoboxx as the social promotion engine, it makes sense that we define social promotion. First off, it’s not social networking. Social networking includes building communities, fostering interaction, and building an online brand.


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