Looking for high-quality, engaging content to share on your business’ Instagram account? Learn how Promoboxx can help you quickly and easily access brand-approved content to post on Instagram within seconds!

Why is this feature important?

Instagram is a visually rooted social platform that sees high engagement when its users tell their story through high-res and visually stimulating content. However, unless you have an in-house photographer and a knack for design, creating this content can be quite time-consuming (& expensive)! Promoboxx alleviates that pressure by providing you access to professional content from your brand(s) formatted specifically for Instagram. The best part? It’s free and only takes a few moments to share.

How do I share my brand content to Instagram?

In order to promote your brand campaigns on Instagram, you will first need to download the Promoboxx mobile app for iPhone or Android. Due to the fact that Instagram is a mobile-sharing only platform (meaning you can only post from a mobile device and not a desktop computer), promoting content on Instagram must be done using a mobile device.

Product Update [July 2017]: Promoboxx App for Android

To promote your brand content formatted for Instagram, please follow the steps below.

Note: Please make sure you are logged into your business’ Instagram account on your phone before continuing the following steps.

1. Open the Promoboxx app & login with your email and password:

Step1 Login to App

2. Choose the campaign you want to share:

Step2 Select Campaign

3. Once the campaign is selected, you will be able to pick which channel you would like to share on – in this instance, tap Instagram Shares:

Step3 Select IG Channel

4. Select “Preview and Share” below the post option you would like to share:

5. Tap the “Share on Instagram” button and then “Copy to Instagram” on the following menu:

Copy to IG

Note: The suggested text will automatically be copied to your clipboard upon clicking “Copy to Instagram”.

5. Crop, filter, and edit the image. Then hit, “Next”:

Edit IG Post

6. On the last step, paste the suggested text from Promoboxx and/or customize your own. In this section, you should also tag other Instagram users, add hashtags and toggle on to share on your other social channels. When finished, select “Share”:

Add Caption and Post

That’s it! Easy, right? Remember to also post some of your original content as well – consumers love seeing what you’re up to in-store and within the community.

Retailer Quick Tip:

Just getting started with Instagram and want to learn some best practices? Check out our blog post on 5 Tips for Posting on Instagram.

Have suggestions for features that you would like to see on Promoboxx? Send your ideas to feedback@promoboxx.com – we’d love to hear them!

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