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Evan Brett Faster Brand-to-Retailer Campaign Building and Way More Accurate Reporting [Sneak Peek]

Creating customizable, digital content for your retailers is about to get a whole lot easier with our new Campaign Builder. Brands, we’ve heard you loud and clear. You want to offer up more content to retailers in 2018, while having the ultimate confidence in metrics that deliver game-changing insights. At Promoboxx, we believe in supporting each […]

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Kim Lombard Announcing Local Ads Credits: Transform Your Digital Co-Op Advertising Strategy

For many brand and retail marketers, achieving marketing alignment and sales through their local retail channel are difficult challenges. Traditionally, co-op advertising programs have tried to align the national-to-local message between brands and retailers, but have failed. Why? Marketing budget dollars go unspent, digital program offerings are weak, retailers have to take time away from […]

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Kim Lombard Retailer Engagement: Promoboxx Raises the Bar

Brands work hard to produce great content, but often struggle with retailer engagement. Retailers are busy store owners and digital marketing needs to be simple and easy for them to participate in brand campaigns. This low adoption makes marketing alignment between national and local channels virtually impossible. Retailer adoption and engagement are at the core […]

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Mansi Mohnani Promoboxx Is Going After Digital ROI [Product Update]

What is the true value of brand-to-retailer connection and alignment? While we know all too well the impact that can occur when national brands and local retailers work towards digital marketing alignment, there still remains the lingering question of proven ROI. Not anymore. With our latest product update, Post-Campaign Surveys, we are taking a step […]

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Tyler Cumella Year in Review: Our Best Brand and Retail Marketing Content of 2016

With 2016 coming to a close, we have put together some of our most popular brand and retail marketing content to help you get ready for the new year, including: Interviews with brand leaders and expert retailers Insightful, impactful case studies Promoboxx product updates Tips and best practices for helping your local retailers succeed at […]

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Kim Lombard Promoboxx Adds Instagram to Suite of Local Ads Channels [Product Update]

We are excited to announce the addition of Instagram as our latest channel offering through Promoboxx Local Ads! After a highly successful pilot, Instagram is now a core component of the Promoboxx Local Ads program, joining Facebook and mobile display. Launched earlier this year, Promoboxx Local Ads extends brand content, targeting, and media mix to […]

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Ben Carcio Promoboxx Announces “Fee-Free” Digital Ads for Local Retailers

In celebration of Small Business Saturday, Promoboxx is excited to announce that we will be further supporting small businesses by waiving management fees for digital ads placed by local retailers (normally 10%) on the Promoboxx platform from November 21-26. Small Business Saturday: Creating Greater Awareness for Local Retailers Small Business Saturday has a special significance […]

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Ben Carcio We Are Ready: Promoboxx Announces $8.2 Million in Series A Funding

The secret start-up playbook says that start-ups raise money. Lots of money, and often far earlier than they need it. At Promoboxx, we’ve done things differently. In 2010, we raised a bit of money (approx. $2 million) and focused on finding great customers, all while growing capital as efficiently as possible. With today’s announcement of […]

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Ben Carcio Promoboxx Doubles Down with New Retailer Experience [Product Update]

At Promoboxx, everything we do hinges on the core value, “Believe in Retailers.” To double down on this idea, we’ve updated our platform to make it even easier for retailers to become the best marketers we know they can be. Contrary to popular belief, retailers are not digitally unsophisticated and are more than capable of […]

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Alexandra Laird Announcing Local Ads: Aligning Brands & Retailers to Drive New Customers In-Store

We’re excited to announce the official launch of Promoboxx Local Ads this week! After a highly successful long-term pilot, with participation from many national brands and thousands of local retailers, Local Ads is now formally a core component of the Promoboxx marketing platform. I’m particularly enthusiastic about this launch because the results are clear: Local Ads is […]

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Jennifer Jermantowicz It’s Your Brand. Ensure It’s Well Represented.

Manufacturing brands spend a lot of resources to perfect their brand persona – it’s time to align with retailers and ensure that they’re telling the same brand story. We’ve all heard the stories. A representative of company X acts in a way that goes against public favor, and suddenly the whole company’s values shift in the eyes […]

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Catherine Daigle Feature Review: Beautiful Landing Pages in under 4 Minutes with Campaign Builder

When making improvements to our campaign building tool, we keep retail marketers and creative teams in mind and ask ourselves three key questions: Is it easy to use? Is it beautiful/effective? And most importantly, does it save time and resources? Take a look at how our campaign builder aces all three tests. Build a Campaign in Under 4 […]

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