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Sonciary Honnoll New! Pboxx’s Retailer Notifications Map

We recently launched a sparkly piece of functionality. I get more and more excited about it every time I log into Promoboxx. Called the Notifications Map, it shows me which retailers have recently shared, from which parts of the country, and on which channels. If you click a retailer’s name, Promoboxx will take you to […]

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Emma Bisogno New features! Retailer Scoreboard, Brand Dashboard, Retailer Engagement Flow Tracking, etc!

We’ve mentioned it before, but our amazing development team pushes new Promoboxx platform features every two weeks. Today, we pushed out some awesome new features including: retailer scoreboard, a brand dashboard and retailer engagement flow tracking!  As always, stay tuned for more new features and improvements! Retailer Scoreboard Brands can now assign point values to sharing […]

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Emma Bisogno Promoboxx Helps Retailers Go Social

With every campaign we launch, we always stress the importance of retailers frequently sharing their co-branded campaigns on all of their online channels such as Facebook, Twitter and their website. One of our main priorities is getting retailers active on social media, so that they can promote their local business and drive brand awareness. We […]

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Sonciary Honnoll We upgraded our Smart Groups, Invite System, and more!

Our development team pushes new Promoboxx platform features every two weeks. So, be on the look out for new features and functionality. Here’s the latest on our platform updates: Smart Groups 2.0 Brands can already group their retailers based on any available retailer data with Smart Groups 1.0, but this feature was limited to one […]

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Sonciary Honnoll Newest Promoboxx Platform Features

Our development team pushes new platform features every two weeks. We’re hugely client driven, so when brands ask us for a specific piece of functionality that’s vital to their B2R marketing strategy – we jump right in! Here’s the latest on our platform updates: Smart Groups Brands can now group their retailers based on any available retailer […]

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Emma Bisogno Our Newest Feature!

Here at Promoboxx, we are always developing new platform features that help our clients better reach their consumers and optimize their online marketing efforts. After recent campaign launches, like Chevrolet’s Malibu Style and Reebok’s It Takes A Lot To Make A Classic Sweepstakes, our team has been working hard to enhance the usability of our […]

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Sonciary Honnoll Introducing Customizable Campaign Opt-In Pages

The Promoboxx platform focuses in on four key components to engage retailers in a brand’s national marketing efforts: 1. Engage: Select all or a group of retailers to participate in a campaign, validate retailer information and       schedule engagement actions like sharing reminders.2. Co-Market: Allow retail partners to customize national creatives to their stores. Control which […]

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Emma Bisogno Meet the Promoboxx “Brand View”

At Promoboxx HQ, our platform has always provided brands a way to easily target local consumers by executing co-branded marketing campaigns with local retailers. Since launching several successful campaigns – from Chevy’s latest “Diamonds & Dreams” Campaign to Trek’s Tour de France “Summer Giveaway” – our team has been busy designing new ways to further […]

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Jack McDermott How Mobile Will Revolutionize Local Retail

It’s a rather simple question: how will mobile technology impact local retailers? In this post, we’ll try to analyze the mobile retail landscape as a whole before understanding some of the major players and our predictions for the future. By The Numbers According to the 2012 Deloitte Retail & Consumer Spending Survey, Smartphones will influence 19%, […]

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Dan Koziak Introducing Dealer-Level Campaign Customizations & Consumer Analytics

At Promoboxx HQ, we’ve been busy developing new features to improve how brands and retailers connect. After launching several campaigns – from Chevy’s latest “MLB Diamonds & Dreams” to Dabbieri’s “Retailer Pages” – our team is designing every co-marketing feature with brands in mind. Today we’re featuring three Promoboxx platform offerings that provide brands and […]

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Ben Carcio Promoboxx vs. Social CRMs

There are dozens of excellent social marketing platforms that are lumped into the buzz-worthy category of “social CRM,” sometimes Promoboxx is mistakenly thrown into this bucket. Yes, there are aspects of what a social CRMs do that are similar to us, but Promoboxx is not a social CRM. A social CRM is set of tools […]

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Sonciary Honnoll A Retailer’s Experience with Promoboxx

One of the most common questions brands ask us is “What’s my retailer’s experience?” It’s a question that all good brands mention, and it’s how we know a brand is in-step with it’s most valuable asset: retail partners. In this video, we show one dealer’s experience, Loose Nut Cycles, with a recent Linus Bike campaign. After […]

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