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Alison Rancourt Amex Shop Small®

We at Promoboxx are proud supporters of small businesses like yours and have teamed up with American Express to support the Shop Small® Movement and help small businesses succeed this Small Business Saturday® (Nov. 26) and all holiday season long. We are excited to share some details about the resources available to your business. HERE’S […]

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Sonciary Honnoll Brand-to-Retailer Marketing: How To Know If It’s Right For Your Brand

For brands that sell through retailers, Brand-to-Retailer (B2R) marketing can be one of the most influential ways a brand promotes its products. And before we dive into if it’s right for your brand, let’s define what B2R is. What is Brand-to-Retailer (B2R) Marketing? If you’re wondering what exactly we mean when we talk about B2R marketing, we’re describing […]

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Ben Carcio Top 5 Reasons to Run an Online Promotion

Why should my company run an online promotion? This is a great question, and one that I get from nearly every prospective Promoboxx customer.

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Ben Carcio Group Buying Bad for Pricing?

With the hyper-crazy-growth of group buying sites, like Groupon, small businesses should be careful with overusing the "overwhelming offer."

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Ben Carcio Keys to a Spreadable Promotion

Your online social promotions should be just like butter. Not the saturated with fat part, but the spreadable everywhere part.

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Ashleigh Anderson Two Simple Rules for Online Promotion Success

An effective social promotion should follow two simple rules; be clean and be mean.

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Ashleigh Anderson Social Promotion vs. Social Networking

Given that we tout Promoboxx as the social promotion engine, it makes sense that we define social promotion. First off, it's not social networking. Social networking includes building communities, fostering interaction, and building an online brand.

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Isolde Decker-Lucke How Brands Can Support Non-Traditional Retailers

Including non-traditional retailers in your retail marketing campaigns is a great way to ensure brand consistency, engage with current customers, and reach new ones. By providing these retailers with assets that will help them market locally, you’ll strengthen your relationship with these local businesses while also building relationships with their customers. Only currently working with […]

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Isolde Decker-Lucke How Brands Can Align Direct-to-Consumer and Retail Strategies

While many brands have spent the last decade focusing on digital, last year saw a shift in the opposite direction as several formerly online-only brands realized the importance of the authentic, personal experiences only retailers can provide. The power of the authentic experience retailers provide is something Promoboxx has known and believed in since 2010! […]

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Isolde Decker-Lucke The Best Snow Sports Shops Are Crushing It On Promoboxx

When we saw Gear Patrol created their list of the best ski and snowboard shops in America – we knew we had to check it out. And we weren’t surprised to see that over half of these shops are using Promoboxx to support their customers’ online and offline experiences!  We think these stores deserve a double […]

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Isolde Decker-Lucke Dealers Asked for Digital Marketing Help, Case IH Answered!

Promoboxx is excited to announce our recent partnership in the outdoor power equipment industry – Case IH! Like many of our customers, Case IH was looking for an easy way to get brand-approved content in the hands of their dealers and be seen by more local consumers. Providing Dealers Social Media and Digital Marketing Support  Case […]

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Kelly Sonnenshein Promoboxx + Locally:
Partnership to Transform Local Retail

Exciting news! We have officially partnered with Locally to help outdoor enthusiasts discover and purchase products from a local store. This strategic alliance is a great opportunity to engage more shoppers online, help them view inventory, and place an order from a local store. It’s a win-win: consumers spend their dollars locally and retailers earn […]

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