Co-Op Advertising is WALKING

Co-Op Advertising

Co-op advertising is failing your independent retailers. Learn more about the solution: Promoboxx Local Ads.

Missed Digital Co-Op Advertising Opportunity

Digital co-op advertising has dropped the ball. Why? Because it’s messy, hard to track, and working with retailers is hard, so it’s simply been ignored.

Why Co-Op Advertising is Bad for Retailers:

  • Reduced Cash Flow
  • Time Consuming Process
  • Wasted, Unspent Funds

Why Co-Op Advertising Is Bad for Brands:

  • Reduced Retailer Buying Power
  • Loss of Unspent Funds
  • Negative Retailer Perception
  • Favors Only Large Accounts

Enter the Solution: Promoboxx Local Ads

With Promoboxx Local Ads , national brands can provide ad funds to their local retailers for digital marketing actions taken on Promoboxx - such as sharing promotional brand content on social, sending an email, or adding a website banner.

The program works because the brand controls the entire process, eliminating all of the unnecessary overhead, and it focuses on deploying marketing funds to drive more customers in-store to buy.

For Top Brands, The Results Are In

Timberland, Trek Bicycle, and Electrolux are already providing their retailers with local ad funds through Promoboxx and are attracting more customers in-store. There have been drastic increases in both retailer and consumer engagement, reporting an increase in retailer engagement by 8x and consumer in-store traffic by 2x.

It’s a great way to advertise outside the retail space and reach consumers on their mobile devices, which is where they’re spending most of their time anyway.- Cassie Heppner, Director of North America Marketing, Timberland
It’s always a challenge to localize national promotions, and with the Local Ads program I was able to show our retailers that we were pushing awareness and, ultimately, traffic directly to their doors.- Jeremy McKinley, Global Retail Marketing and Training Manager, Trek Bicycle
“The dealer feedback we got from Local Ads was 'you're going to do this again, right?' Dealers could actually point to transactions and conversations that happened in-store from the geo-targeted mobile ads. We got the exposure that we wanted and the dealers got the foot traffic that they were looking for specifically for that program.- Todd Scott, Digital Retail Integration & Merchandising Manager, Electrolux Major Appliances


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