Why Digital Asset Management Systems Don't Work

On the surface, digital asset management systems (DAMs) seem easy enough for retailers to use, but, in reality, they have low adoption rates and fail to engage retailers. Outside of allowing brands to provide retailers with access to brand content, DAMs offer no other real benefits.

Unlike DAM systems, Promoboxx makes marketing with retailers streamlined, scalable, and trackable. Plus, ease of use ensures that retailer adoption is high.

Here’s how DAMs measure up against Promoboxx:

Access to brand assets
Messaging and scheduling capabilities (sometimes)
Drives high retailer adoption and engagement rates
Campaign-based approach
Full analytics suite on retailer activity and campaign performance
Creates alignment with brand content calendar
Automated content clean-up
World-class retailer support team
Makes digital marketing easy for retailers and saves them valuable time

Why retailers think DAM Systems don’t work:

— Steve Parsons
    at ERIK’S Bike Board Ski
Many of our manufacturers give us access to content, but most of them have unorganized asset websites or portals where I need to sift through pictures, find one that’s right, crop it, maybe add some copy, then put it out. That whole messy process just makes it much less likely that I will want to share the content.
— Melody Karpinski
    at Fleet Feet Sports Santa Rosa
Most of our brands don’t have a great digital platform. To get the content, I have to log into three different places, go through five different folders, look through all of the content, and decide what I’m going to post. Whether they even have it updated on time is another thing. It’s just a headache for at least three of my major brands.

Hear why Arc'teryx made the switch to Promoboxx:

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