How GE Appliances Cuts Through the Clutter of a Noisy Retail Market

Despite today’s noisy retail environment, GE Appliances continues to stand out by working closely with independent retailers to tell their brand story via co-branded marketing content. While GE Appliances has a long history of supporting their independent retailers through co-op advertising, they seek to drive more untapped local audiences into stores via targeted digital marketing and local advertising campaigns through Promoboxx.

Slate Campaign: Finding Success at the Local Level

For their Slate campaign, GE Appliances' independent retailers were invited to promote co-branded campaign content across their digital channels. Participating retailers earned brand funds to run ads across Facebook and local mobile phone apps, benefiting both the brand and retailer with new consumer audiences.

Campaign Results

  90% Retailer Engagement
  8,500 Landing Page Views
  1.5M Local Mobile Ad Impressions
  3.5M Facebook Ad Impressions

By embracing paid digital initiatives at the local level, GE Appliances managed to reach untapped audiences and continue to build brand-retailer goodwill.

What GE Appliances Dealers Are Saying About Promoboxx

Because of Promoboxx, GE has become one of my go-to vendors. I am more likely to post stuff about them online or re-share just because they are easily providing me with content.- Factory Builder Stores

Why GE Appliances Loves Promoboxx

The GE Slate Campaign was a great success for both the GE Appliances brand and our retailers. We were able to reach new local audiences and send both desktop consumers and mobile phone users to a digital experience that reinforced where-to-buy mindshare and incentives for Slate appliances, while continuing to build brand goodwill with our retail partners.- Jason West, General Manager Merchandising & Training at GE Appliances

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