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How the Cycling Industry is Creating An Online Community and How You Can Do It Too!

Engaging consumers (new and old) is the most important way to move prospective customers through the sales process. Whether your stores are open full time or at limited capacity or hours, you can always leverage your online presence to nurture consumers. Your retailer’s social media channels can provide an important trusted voice within local communities.

Engaging often, and with a friendly voice on social media is a great way to keep consumers coming in store all year round, and trusting your presence online when they need you most. With more and more people turning online for sales information and to seek entertainment, education, and inspiration, your brand should be posting consistently (and locally) to stay top of mind.

We’ve analyzed some great examples of how (cycling) brands have positioned themselves as trusted experts in their industry, creating an authentic link to their local community oftentimes through their retailers.

Creating a Consistent Experience – From Online to In-Store

As Covid-19 transformed how people experienced shopping in-person, brands and retailers had to adapt to accommodate the in-store customer service and expertise to their social media presence and online sales process. Trek made it easy by offering free home delivery, and Specialized encouraged customers to social distance by cycling!

Trek Bike Masters – Home Delivery

Cyclotherapy – Social Distancing with Specialized

Engage your Consumers with Relatable Photos

Encourage consumers to get involved in the conversation. People love any opportunity to share their opinions, photos, and experiences. Here we can see consumers using the comments section to post pictures of their own rides. This post gave the opportunity to share laughs and enjoy a community-like atmosphere in the comments while another post provided motivation and encouragement, (like a trusted friend or teammate.)


  • Create a weekly theme consumers can look forward to each week.
  • Include a corresponding hashtag to easily participate in the conversation.

Campaigns such as “Go By Bike” from Trek and “Show Us How You Social Distance” from Cycling Industry Content were great examples of posts that encouraged customers to get outside and share photos of their rides. Look at these great comment interactions on this post Hostel Shoppe shared from Cycling Industry Content.

Hostel Shoppe – Inspirational Cycling Content

Wheels In Motion shared this post linking to their website to inspire their customers to #GoByBike. Encouraging UGC (user-generated content) and the use of a corresponding hashtag is a great way to have your customers share their personal experiences with your products and join a community surrounding your business.

Wheels in Motion – Trek – Go By Bike

Inspire Consumers to do What They Love

Big Shark Bicycle Company shared this graphic to encourage a family trip to a popular cycling destination in a neighboring state. Their community of local cycling enthusiasts were invited to share their own experiences. The comment section quickly became a hub for recommendations.


  • Introduce your customers to hot spots in your industry.
  • Ask your customers to share their thoughts and opinions.
  • Encourage them to share their own photos.

Encourage Consumers to Participate in Current Events

Peloton encouraged users to reflect on their accomplishments over the past year with their #PelotonCoolDown review and hashtag.

Peloton – Reflecting on 2020

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Montgomery Multisport – National Bike Month

Montgomery Multisport shared this post to celebrate National Bike Month. By curating timely content, they were able to connect their local community to a larger conversation.


  • Curate timely, relevant content.
  • Use current events to encourage shares and conversation.
  • Using a corresponding hashtag.

I’ve really loved getting access to Promoboxx because the content has been great and has been very engaging for Montgomery Multisport. As part of Black History Month we decided to feature four of the posts that were in Promoboxx over the month on Mondays.

– Brian (Montgomery Motorsport)

Trust your retailers to create amazing in-store experiences Being seen as an expert in your industry, you can provide unique insight into topics that your consumers are interested in. Retailers can convert that online community by creating an authentic in-store experience that consumers crave.

Promoboxx Industry Content provides great opportunities to introduce a variety of industry topics and by inviting your audience to respond, you can build a community in the comment section. Promoboxx Industry Content is a free content resource created by the Promoboxx team – it provides specialty retailers with access to non-branded industry-specific content. This content, in addition to brand-sponsored campaigns, helps retailers connect with their customers. Encourage your retailers to sign up today!