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How to Create Knock-Out Content

Looking for your next content marketing win? We got your back.

Content creation and promotion is a key marketing strategy for many of us. Brands are specifically tasked with providing brand-approved, quality content to their retailers so they can appropriately market the products they sell in-store. Retailers are tasked with actively engaging their consumers online, as they ultimately provide the authentic, one-on-one shopping experiences that consumers crave.

To help both parties get inspired, we analyzed the content that has performed the best from our Promoboxx Industry Content team. Get pumped!

What is Promoboxx Industry Content?

Promoboxx Industry Content is a free content resource created by the Promoboxx team – it provides specialty retailers with access to non-branded industry-specific content.

Over the past year, 6,000+ retailers have reached over 10 million consumers with Promoboxx Industry Content, earning 15.6X more consumer engagement, on average than Facebook’s platform average. This industry content, in addition to brand-sponsored campaigns on Promoboxx, helps retailers connect with their customers more frequently.

Campaign Examples that Pack a Punch

Here are three different high-performing content examples that will provide inspiration for your next retail marketing campaign.

Educate Consumers with Industry-Knowledge

Three-C Body Shops shared the following vintage throw-back graphic from the Promoboxx Automotive Industry that includes a fun fact about when seatbelts were invented and made mandatory in all vehicles.

Can you believe seatbelts weren't required before 1968?! We're thankful that such a simple act can save lives! ?

Posted by Three-C Body Shops, Inc on Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Consumers resonated with this post because it sparked memories of real experiences. Comments ranged from people talking about trips they took before seatbelts, to expressing gratitude that they have seatbelts now. By promoting a fun fact about the history of seatbelts, it got consumers thinking about the history of their own vehicles, perhaps inspiring them to purchase a new car, get a car wash, get a detail or other upgrades.

Pro tip: When creating brand campaigns in Promoboxx, include information that will educate a consumer about how the product will solve a problem or need. This could be as simple as writing a suggested copy option that mentions a short statistic or fact about the item’s functionality.

I like the content in Promoboxx and use it twice or three times a week. I also like the consistency of automated content. Keep it coming!

– Brett, Three-C Body Shops, Inc

Inspire Your Audience to Share

Gallagher Fitness Resources shared this inspirational quote that their followers found inspiring enough to share with their friends. Shares put the retailer’s name (and your brand!) in front of their customers extended group of friends. Shares = more reach!

Consistency is key ?

Posted by Gallagher Fitness Resources on Monday, November 26, 2018

Consumers were compelled to think of their own goals and success. This simple quote inspired comments on the consumers perspective and source of their success. The consumers can see themselves in the image and more likely to think about their own fitness goals and their personal journey.

Pro tip: When selecting imagery for product campaigns, try to use some authentic lifestyle shots – imagery that showcases your product in use. Make sure it’s a “relatable” image – for example, an average cyclist may not find a photo of a pro cyclist speeding down a steep course relatable to their own life. When consumers see a photo of someone else like them using a product, they’re much more likely to picture themselves using it.

We don’t always have time to search for content so it’s nice to have content that is relevant to our customers to use straight from Promoboxx. New customers find out about us on social so it’s great to have that support from Promoboxx to provide some ease in navigating all of this social networking for us.

– Susan (Gallagher Fitness Resources)

Start a Conversation with Customers

Johnson’s Furniture & Appliances shared this conversational graphic from our Thanksgiving holiday campaign. Consumers jumped at the opportunity to rant and rave about what they love about shopping at their store. Recognizing holidays (both big and small) is an easy way to engage and relate to your customers.

What is an experience you’ve had at our store that you are thankful for? We'd love to hear from you! ?#shopsmall #believeinretailers

Posted by Johnson's Furniture & Appliances, Inc. on Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Many times we see business owners not asking for feedback because they are fearful that a customer will have something bad to say. This graphic is a great example of how a simple question backed by positive reinforcement gave both the retailer and the consumer the platform to have a conversation about their relationship. The consumers wanted the opportunity to tell the store owner and her employees how much they love shopping there and the store owner was excited to receive positive feedback. This post gave both the retailer and the consumer the platform to do just that.

Pro tip: Try to include both simple and thought-provoking questions in your suggested copy options on Promoboxx. Questions help to encourage conversation between retailers and consumers – plus, consumers love giving their opinion on social media!

We are balancing so much on our plate, it’s so nice to log into Promoboxx to get fresh ideas I can schedule out for the week. There’s such a great variety of content and it’s so easy to use. I love the fact that I can control the post timing so I can sit back after a long day and know that my posts are going out at a prime time without even thinking twice about it.

– Patti (Johnson’s Furniture & Appliances)

Promoboxx Industry Content: A Win-Win!

Keeping social pages up-to-date with engaging content doesn’t have to be time-consuming and challenging for retailers. Promoboxx Industry Content provides an array of inspirational, holiday, and informative content that keeps local customers engaged online and coming in-store!

Brands, your retailers can easily access all types of Promoboxx Industry Content. This is especially helpful when you’re running low on content!

Retailers, what are you waiting for? Try out fresh, free content from the Promoboxx Industry Content team!