Promoboxx has suspended ad management fees.

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Promoboxx has suspended ad management fees. Learn More

There’s a better way to do digital marketing with your retailers.

Organize and engage your retailer network. Build, manage, and fund retailer campaigns. Gain visibility into the business impact.

Promoboxx builds and transforms your retailers into a connected retailer network.

Enroll and activate your retailers onto the Promoboxx platform

Manage, segment, and distribute brand content and campaigns to your retailers via easy-to-use tools and workflow

Build (and optionally fund) brand-compliant organic and paid digital campaigns, executed by your retailers via the Promoboxx platform

Report and provide analytics on the business outcomes of the campaigns

Why do connected retailer networks matter?

Brands with connected retailer networks have huge advantages as they:

Increase operating efficiencies, channel ROI, and revenue growth

Understand and optimize impact 

Reach the right consumers

91% of consumers see local retailers as trustworthy¹

¹ Yodle Insights: What Consumers Want from Local Businesses” survey of 6,000 consumers (2015)

How Promoboxx Works

┄ 1 ┄

Set your marketing goals; plan and design your campaigns.

┄ 2 ┄

Load campaigns and optional funds onto Promoboxx.

┄ 3 ┄

Promoboxx distributes your campaigns to all of your retailers or a brand-designated segment.

┄ 4 ┄

Your retailers launch campaigns through Promoboxx.

┄ 5 ┄

Analyze the results:

  • Retailer performance reporting
  • Campaign reporting
  • Consumer reporting

Promoboxx has a demonstrated ability to engage retailers

Promoboxx consistently exceeds brands’ expectations around retailer engagement. Our roots are in retail and we’ve built our business based on our 9+ years of experience. 

I check in as soon as I see there is new content.The Bike Place, Johnson City, TN
Promoboxx simplifies social media. I have enough to do and this makes posting easy.Alter Ego Sports, Winnipeg, Manitoba

⭑ 94% retailer satisfaction²

² Satisfaction rating for retailers on Promoboxx (2018)

World-Class Product
Support & Service

Our Customer Services team is designed to deliver high-quality support that drives high retailer engagement and better business outcomes.


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