Promoboxx suspends ad fees in response to the COVID‑19 crisis.

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Promoboxx suspends ad fees in response to the COVID‑19 crisis. Learn More

Drive Customers With Local Ads

Promoboxx makes it easier than ever to target potential customers near your store!

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Local Advertising Made Easy

Promoboxx can help you turn your favorite posts into ads. Your brands have carefully picked out targeting to make sure the right people near your store will see the ad.


Select from content you’ve already shared.

Or start by sharing new content from your brand.


Choose the location for your ads to target.

Potential customers nearby will see your ads.


Choose the funding level and run your ad.

Funding determines the number of targeted customers.

On average, customers who have spent on Local Ads have seen 4x more customer views compared to their organic posts.

Successful Retailers Using Ads

  • Jerry Haggerty Chevrolet,
    Glen Ellyn, Illinois

    “The results for the campaign were quite impressive. A good return on investment for such a small cost. You can actually measure this, too. When you run something like a TV ad, you’re left wondering, ‘Hey, who saw this, did they like it?’ There’s no real measurement. With this, we’ve got true numbers. We had a great week in the store, so I would say that there was definitely a correlation between the two. My numbers can speak for it.”

  • Fleet Feet Sports,
    Nashua, NH

    “The Vongo campaign resulted in a ton of people coming into the store looking for the shoe. That campaign changed the way we look at Facebook and how we use it to market our store. We had no idea how impactful it could be.”

100% Transparent Pricing

Far too often, small businesses are being taken advantage of by their advertising partners, whether via a lack of clarity, high markups, or undisclosed ad management fees.

Promoboxx’s mission is to make digital marketing simple and achievable for local business owners. To continue to support you in your advertising efforts, we have committed to 100% Transparent Pricing on all advertising transactions.

Promoboxx collects a transparent management fee that is 10% of your ad spend (e.g. $500 in ad spend x 10% management fee = $550 total). This covers credit card processing as well as ads technology and optimization efforts.

We believe in retailers and guarantee that 100% of your ad dollars will go toward advertising, every time.


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