Promoboxx Continues Rapid Momentum in the Outdoor Market

Arc’teryx and Osprey Packs Join Growing List of Leading Outdoor Brands to Partner with Promoboxx to Connect with Local Retailers to Drive Sales

BOSTON, FEBRUARY 11, 2016 ​– Leading outdoor performance gear brands are increasingly turning to the Promoboxx digital marketing platform to help them connect and align with their local, specialty retailers to drive sales. Joining long‐time customers Timberland and Trek Bikes, recent additions to the Promoboxx portfolio include Arc’teryx Equipment, an outdoor apparel and hard goods brand, and backpack and travel gear company Osprey Packs. Leveraging Promoboxx, these outdoor brands amplify their content through specialty retailers, garnering more engagement and in‐store sales.

The way outdoor consumers shop has changed dramatically. Today, Millennials make up the largest population of all outdoor consumers, representing 40 percent of the market. Of that group, 71 percent are actively engaged on social media channels, while 46 percent search for product information on their mobile devices and 30 percent make purchases on their mobile devices.

“Engaging with outdoor consumers on the digital, mobile channels where they are spending the bulk of their time is an imperative for brands and their specialty retailers,” said Ben Carcio, CEO, Promoboxx. “As the connection between brands and retailers that co‐op marketing promised to be, but never was, Promoboxx is uniquely positioned for this new digital era of outdoor retail marketing, and we are thrilled to have such respected brands like Arc‘teryx and Osprey Packs on‐board with us.”

Arc‘teryx’s Commitment to Quality Content Extends to the Showroom Floor

Since its beginning, Arc‘teryx has focused on creating and curating high‐value, engaging content. From background information on the company to product technology and design updates to athlete showcases, the company has always understood that great content is the key to consumer connection. Yet with more than 1,400 specialty retail stores in North America alone, Arc‘teryx sought a more effective way to tell these stories in a simple, consistent way at the showroom floor level.

“It’s not uncommon for our retailer partners to work with 50 or more brands, yet many don't have dedicated marketing teams tasked with sharing stories and actively engaging with consumers on digital, social channels – instead, they’re focused on running their businesses,” said Kent Hawkins, North America Key Account Marketing Manager, Arc‘teryx. ​“Promoboxx helps us empower our retail partners by giving them the ability to select, customize and share quality content on a regular basis – all with just a few simple clicks.”

Osprey Packs’ Forward‐Thinking Approach to Supporting Specialty Retailers

As a brand that relies fully on the outdoor specialty retail channel, Osprey Packs understands the importance of providing its retailer partners with the best marketing tools to help them succeed. After experiencing content distribution challenges with its existing asset management portal, the brand sought a better way to support its retailers

“Osprey is a brand of innovation, and that goes further than just our products,” said Vince Mazzuca, Senior Marketing Manager, Osprey Packs. “In looking for ways to support a digital solution, Promoboxx really stood out as an easy way to offer a more robust retail marketing support package built for our retail partners’ modern marketing needs, while bolstering our brand in terms of consistency and positioning.”

To learn more about how Promoboxx helps outdoor brands engage their specialty retailers with high‐impact digital marketing content, simply fill out the form on the right.

To learn more about how Promoboxx helps outdoor brands engage their specialty retailers with high‐impact digital marketing content, simply fill out the form below

About Promoboxx

Promoboxx is the only marketing platform that connects and aligns national brands and local retailers to drive sales. Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Boston, Promoboxx works with leading manufacturers in the outdoor, auto, appliance, and footwear industries. More information is available at or @Promoboxx.

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