Promoboxx Expands Customer Base of Cycling Brands Investing in Retailer Network

Cervélo Joins Trek Bikes to Amplify Retailer Digital Marketing Efforts

BOSTON, SEPTEMBER 29th, 2016 ​– Top racing and track bicycle manufacturer, Cervélo Cycles, joins the growing list of brands adopting Promoboxx, the only marketing platform that helps brands connect and align with their local retailers to drive sales. Through the platform, cycling brands can extend brand content to their retailers, aligning their national message with local marketing campaigns to increase consumer engagement and bring more customers in-store.

Retailers provide expert product knowledge, superior service, and have strong influence in their local communities, all of which leads to a rich customer shopping experience. However, most retailers are not marketing experts. They are trying to manage the day-to-day activities in their store and many find it difficult to keep up with digital marketing. In contrast, cycling brands have professional content that showcases the latest technology, athletes, and industry events that they want to get in front of as many local consumers as possible.

Taking on a forward-thinking approach to retailer support, Cervélo has found Promoboxx to be an effective solution for providing brand content in ready-made campaigns for their retailers to promote with a few simple clicks.

Cervélo Looks to Keep Digital Marketing Simple for Retailers

Cervélo understands the everyday challenges faced by their retailers - the increased competition, time constraints, and bringing more customers in-store. “The retail environment is shifting and we want to make digital marketing as simple as possible for our retailer network,” states Michael Svendsen, Digital Marketing Manager at Cervélo. “We found that simplicity with the Promoboxx marketing platform. It is easy for retailers to use, brand-funded, and is a one-stop shop for them to promote digital content. The simpler we can make this, the more engagement we expect to see from both the local bike shops as well as the consumers in their communities.”

Coupled with the focus on simplicity is consistent brand messaging. Janice Tsao, Brand Manager at Cervélo, comments, “Consistent brand messaging from the national level to the local level is very important to us and the Promoboxx platform enables us to accomplish this easily and at scale. Our products are highly technical and it is critical that the benefits are promoted accurately to local consumers by our retailers across North America.”

Ben Carcio, CEO and Co-Founder of Promoboxx states, “We have a deep understanding of retailer needs and our team has worked hard to create a simple, effective digital marketing solution that makes it easier for brands and retailers to work better together to expand reach, drive foot traffic, and ultimately sales. We are thrilled to have Cervélo leverage Promoboxx as a key component of their retail strategy.”

In addition to working with leading cycling brands like Cervélo, Trek and Specialized, Promoboxx also works with top brands in the automotive, animal feed, outdoor, and footwear industries. To learn more about how Promoboxx helps brands engage their retailers with impactful digital marketing content, please visit

About Promoboxx

Promoboxx is the only marketing platform that connects and aligns national brands and local retailers to drive sales. Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Boston, Promoboxx works with leading brands in the outdoor, footwear, auto, appliance, flooring, animal nutrition, and hearing aid industries. More information is available at

About Cervélo Cycles

For more than two decades Cervélo has passionately pursued its goal: Make every rider faster. From the very beginning Cervélo has stayed true to its unique, engineering-driven approach: Define and measure, test and refine, and then build the very best. This uncompromising process raises the bar with every new model, yielding lighter, stiffer and more aerodynamic bikes that help riders go faster and further with less effort. No wonder all five of Cervélo’s platforms – R Series (classic road), S Series (aero road), P Series (triathlon/time trial), C Series (endurance road) and T Series (track) – consistently dominate comparison tests and win awards from the most respected industry publications. It’s also why dozens of Olympic athletes and professional triathletes, as well as the Dimension Data and Cervélo-Bigla pro teams, join legions of dedicated riders around the world in choosing Cervélo.

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