We Believe in Retailers!

Our Vision

Promoboxx believes in retailers. We believe that if you provide marketing support to your independents, they’ll transform into your best local advertisers.

We believe that by aligning with your local retailers, you’ll increase local awareness and drive sales, all while making your retailers better marketers. By creating better marketers, you in turn are creating better business people.

Where It Started

When I was in high school, my parents decided to buy a shuttered retailer shop in our town. Not sure what to do with it, they decided to reopen it as a package store. A package store for those outside of New England is an independent beer/wine/liquor store. With no experience in retail, they turned to the brands they’d be selling for help, and the brand response was incredible. From neon signs to in-store displays, and cooler planograms to local marketing plans, our little store had everything it needed to succeed. This symbiotic relationship would serve as an inspiration for Promoboxx, the brand to retailer digital marketing platform.

The way brands supported my family business formed the philosophical underpinnings of Promoboxx. It is a philosophy that holds that retailers are to be supported, not taken advantage of. If you are a company that sells through local retail, it starts by asking your retailers to participate in marketing with you. This simple “ask” shows a level of respect that will strengthen the retail relationship – their “retailship” with you.

The Cold River Package story is small, but the inspiration of how big brands can support little retailers is currently being used by dozens of leading brands across more than tens of thousands of independent retailers through Promoboxx.

—Ben Carcio, CMO and Co‑Founder

The Team

Addie Cox
Onboarding Specialist
Adriana Zeman
VP of Customer Success
Alex Bistran
Director of Demand Generation
Ali Rancourt
Customer Experience Specialist – Support
Ali Shuber
Customer Success Manager
Barbara Donnelly
People Operations Specialist
Ben Carcio
CMO and Co‑Founder
Bobby Heil
Product Manager
Bonnie Hommeyer
Senior Director of Customer Success
Brian Cleary
Software Engineer
Brianna Headley
Customer Success Manager
Chelsea Vautrin
Senior Onboarding Associate
Chloe Chalakani
Support Manager
Chris Jennison
Senior Software Engineer
Chris Ziomek
Director of Sales
Connor Williams
Business Development Representative
Dana Clancy
Enterprise Account Executive
Davio Dispena
Customer Success Manager
Dillon Sparks
Business Development Representative
Don Cote
Director of Engineering
Ernie Cormier
CEO and President
Francesco Albanese
Customer Experience Specialist – Support
Heidi Little
Senior Software Engineer
Isolde Decker-Lucke
Marketing Manager
James Laplante
Director of Finance
Jenette Simisky
Product Manager
Jenny Traer
QA Lead
Jocelyn Brown
Mid-Market Account Executive
Joe Bracken
VP of Product
Joe Leonard
Director of Engineering, Retail Activation
Johanna Fiedler
Director of Vertical Marketing & Consumer Engagement
Jon Brancheau
VP, Automotive
Jonali Sorensen
Social & Digital Content Creator
Joseph Ware
Senior Software Engineer
Justin Hildebrandt
Team Lead, Software Engineering
Kelly Sonnenshein
Director of Marketing
Kerry Donovan
Campaign Services Specialist
Kyle Boorky
Director, Engineering, Core Platform
Kyle Mulrey
Senior Staff Accountant
Luis Cruz
Senior Software Engineer
Mark DiAntonio
VP of Engineering
Megan Appleman
Customer Experience Specialist – Support
Michaela Goodwin
Mike Stella
VP of Sales
Natalie Giulianelli
Senior Campaign Services Specialist
Nick Serino
Business Development Representative
Randy Tow
Business Development Representative
Romi McCullough
Director, Engineering, Cloud Platform
Sam Gauthier
Enterprise Account Executive
Sapana Thomas
Product Manager
Scott Farrell
Senior Customer Success Manager
Scott Loiselle
Software Engineer
Sean Slattery
Senior Software Engineer
Shaun Hutch
Software Engineer
Shauna Stupia
Director of HR
Taylor Holm
Director of Brand Services
Tom Sharkey
Software Engineer
Vince Pegurri
Mid-Market Account Executive
Zoe Siegel
Campaign Services Specialist

We help local retailers become better marketers every day. Come build with us. 

Who We Are

We are an extremely passionate and hard-working team that is dedicated to helping retailers become better marketers every day. When we’re not hard at work aligning brands and their local retailers, you can find us hanging out at our favorite local shops in Boston.

We keep our office space creative with exposed-brick walls, wooden ceilings and funky art work. Regularly hosting mainstays like Promoboxx Olympics, Pancake Breakfasts, and Froyo Fridays. After a long day’s work, you can also find us celebrating accomplishment at the Promoboxx office bar!


We’re Getting Noticed

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Isolde Decker-Lucke

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