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Promoboxx Paid Ads

Co-Branded Advertising Solution to Amplify Your Reach

Extend your branded content with Paid Ads through Promoboxx! With detailed targeting, optimization goals, and ad types available, Promoboxx Paid Ads co-branded with your retailers reach your consumers where they live, work and shop.

Why Advertise through Promoboxx?

ZERO Ad Fees!: Every dollar you spend through the platform goes directly towards your ad campaigns. We do not collect a fee for supporting your ads.

Streamlined, Comprehensive Reporting: Detailed reporting available as an aggregated report, or broken down to the individual retailer level.

Full Control of Branded Content: As a brand, you decide what your brand imagery, messaging, and channels will be when coming from your retailer channels with the option to allow your retailers to edit specific fields.

Ease of Use for Retailers: No touch options available for retailers after initial Facebook connection!

Targeted reach: Efficiently market to potential customers near each retailer location, increasing awareness of your brand and traffic to your retailer locations both off and online.


“We’ve had great success with launching new products and driving awareness to our brand through Promoboxx Paid Advertising. Paid Ads have been a great way to extend our reach to pet parents that currently don’t follow our retailer’s social media pages. Through Promoboxx Paid Ads, we are able to target a specific sub-audience within a certain distance of our retailers to drive new customers into our retailer’s doors."

Blue Buffalo - Jon Jaros, Sr. Director of Distributor Sales