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Easy Digital Marketing for Retailers that Drives Sales

Easy Digital Marketing for Retailers that Drives Sales

Expand Local Reach with Multi‑Channel Promotion

Brands upload existing marketing campaigns and invite all or a subset of retailers to the campaign.

Retailers strengthen their digital presence with easy access to brand-approved content that can be shared wherever they represent their business online, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, email, website, and mobile.

Stay Organized with Scheduling

Retailers can manage hours of social media marketing in one sitting! Scheduling allows retailers to select and customize their content – then tell Promoboxx when to share it on their behalf.

Maximize Time with Automation

Automation helps retailers save the maximum amount of time while still reaping the benefits of high-quality content. Once enabled, the brand will automatically share new content on Facebook for the retailer.

View Consumer Engagement

By promoting content via Promoboxx, retailers gain access to campaign and post reporting to determine what type of content speaks most to their local audience.

View Details at a Glance

Looking for a quick pulse on your retailer activities? Utilize your rep dashboard to preview active brand campaigns, scroll through a live activity feed of your retailers’ marketing actions, message retailers, access reporting and more!

Easy Access to Retailer Information

See which of your retailers are invited to promote brand campaigns, the contact information associated with each account, and the specific marketing actions they’ve taken on the platform.

Preview Brand Campaigns

Are your retailers requesting specific assets or imagery on a one-off basis? Stay up-to-speed on available brand content and local advertising opportunities for retailers so you can direct them to their one-stop-shop for digital marketing needs.