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Brand-Approved Content at Your Fingertips


Brand-Approved Content at Your Fingertips

Are you struggling to find time to market your business online and connect with local consumers?

With Promoboxx, your store has access to customizable, brand-approved digital marketing content and an easy-to-use solution to promote the brands whose products you sell all at no cost to you.


Getting Started is Simple

You’ll receive an email invitation from the brand to join Promoboxx. Once you confirm your business profile and connect your digital channels (like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter), you’ll start receiving quick and easy marketing campaigns from the brand.


Easy Campaign Participation

Just preview and post. Here’s how it works:

  • The brand sends you email notifications when new campaigns are available.
  • You preview the brand content and customize the message.
  • You push the co-branded content to your digital channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, website, email, and more.

Save More Time

Promoboxx makes digital marketing effortless and precise with these advanced features:

  • “Set it and forget it” with optional automatic posting.
  • Adjust campaign timing with post scheduling.
  • Participate in a campaign in just four clicks.

Choose, Customize, and Share Even More Brand Content!

The Recommended National Content tab allows you to customize and share content that has been promoted on a brand’s national Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube channels. There is also a marketing calendar for you to see all of your scheduled social activity.


Drive More Foot Traffic and Sales with Paid Ads

Strengthen the relationship between your brand and retail network to extend advertising reach and sell more inventory.

With Promoboxx Paid Ads and Retailer Wallet:

  • Claim campaign-specific funds from your brands
  • Spend brand funds on the ads of your choosing
  • Deposit your own funds to spend on any of your brands
  • Funnel your co-op dollars through digital advertising on Promoboxx

View Results with Reporting

Get consumer insights on the content you promote.

  • Post-by-post reporting
  • Campaign-by-campaign results
  • Customer reach insights
  • Paid ad reporting insights

Friendly Marketing Support

  • Our retail support team is here to help! We are reachable through email or by leaving a voicemail message.
  • Support available Monday through Friday, 9-5pm ET.
  • On demand training available via