We Believe in Retailers!

Our Vision

Promoboxx believes in retailers. We believe that if you provide marketing support to your independents, they’ll transform into your best local advertisers. We believe that by aligning with your retailers, you’ll increase local awareness and drive sales, all while making your retailers stronger marketers and business people.

The Team

Adam Kusselow
Senior Data Engineer
Addie Cox
Senior Onboarding Specialist
Adriana Zeman
VP, Customer Services
Alex Chin
Enterprise Account Executive
Ali Rancourt
Senior Customer Support Specialist
Brent Delehey
Bryce Pierce
Business Development Representative
Chelsea Vautrin
Senior Onboarding Associate
Chris McDade
Business Development Representative
Christina McGhie
Account Executive
Chris Ziomek
VP, Business Development
Connor Williams
Account Executive
Dana Clancy
Enterprise Account Executive
Davio Dispena
Senior Customer Success Manager
Dillon Sparks
Lead Business Development Representative
Francesco Albanese
Customer Support Specialist
James Laplante
Senior Director of Finance
Jenette Simisky
Product Manager
Jenny Traer
QA Lead
Joe Leonard
Director of Engineering, Retail Activation
Jonali Sorensen
Social & Digital Content Creator
Joseph Ware
Senior Software Engineer
Kyle Boorky
Director, Engineering, Core Platform
Luis Cruz
Senior Software Engineer
Mark Ruthfield
VP, Sales
Michael Etheridge
Business Development Representative
Michaela Goodwin
Mike Wyatt
Senior Software Engineer
Nathaniel Hack
Enterprise Account Executive
Roland Skreslet
Account Executive
Romi McCullough
Director, Engineering, Cloud Platform
Sarah Kinney
Senior Customer Success Manager
Sean Slattery
Team Lead
Shaun Hutch
Software Engineer
Tom Sharkey
Senior Software Engineer

We’re building the future of digital marketing in local retail. Come build with us 

Who We Are

We are an extremely passionate and hard-working team that is dedicated to helping retailers become stronger marketers every day. When we’re not hard at work aligning brands and their local retailers, you can find us hanging out at our favorite local shops in Boston.


Media Contact

Kelly Sonnenshein

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