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Claim, Spend, and Deposit Ad Funds
Our new Retailer Wallet gives you more flexibility when it comes to your business’s advertising! Claim campaign-specific funds from your brands, spend brand funds on the ads of your choosing, or deposit your own funds. Don’t worry, you can spend your deposited funds on any of your brands.

Not familiar with Paid Ads on Promoboxx?
Through Promoboxx Paid Ads you can access custom built advertising optimized for your business. Not only are these ads brand approved with high quality content and messaging, they are dynamically co-branded and geo-targeted to drive local awareness and traffic right to your storefront.

How does it work?
It’s easy! Brands create the ads and invite you to participate. Brands have the option of providing you campaign-specific funding, or wallet funding, that you can distribute on the ads of your choosing. Don’t see any funds available from your brands? No worries – you can now self-fund these ads through our Stripe integration.

Can I use my co-op dollars through Promoboxx?
We have hundreds of Promoboxx retailers funneling their co-op dollars through digital advertising. However, we recommend checking in with your brand to ensure that their Promoboxx Paid Ads are all co-op approved. Need to create a claim file? We have all of the details you need in the “reporting” section of your dashboard.



“This has given us a tremendous boost to our professional image creating an increase in the trust our customers have in us.”

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