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10 Reasons Why You Should Go to the Aligned Conference


Here at Promoboxx, we CAN’T WAIT for the Aligned Conference, and it’s now just over a month away! Not to brag or anything, but year three is sure to be the biggest and best one yet.

With only a few seats left to fill, here are ten reasons why you should attend the Aligned Conference and register today:

1. There’s simply no other event of its kind.

Sure, many people may say that their event is different than all the rest, but with Aligned, we really mean it.

It is the only national event that focuses on providing key strategies to develop marketing alignment between national brands and their local retailers. Pretty cool, huh?

2. Our new venue is smack dab in Boston’s Innovation District.

We decided to shake things up this year and make the move to Boston’s Innovation District at District Hall, a dedicated gathering space for Boston’s innovation community.

Boston is a hub for innovation, diversity, and talent, and for Aligned 2016, we wanted a venue to match that high standard and set the bar.

While you’re in the area, be sure to take advantage of the beautiful September weather in Boston! It’s a gorgeous and vibrant time to catch a Red Sox game, go shopping downtown, or just take a walk down by the Charles River and enjoy the view. Check out more Boston attractions here!

3. You’ll learn that we’re all in this together.

Have you ever felt alone in your channel challenges in communications, sales, and beyond? At Aligned, you’ll quickly learn that you’re all in the same boat, no matter what the industry.

aligned conference

In contrast to big conferences, Aligned is closer and more intimate, giving like-minded attendees a chance talk to one another and really brainstorm solutions. Together, we can all learn from each other.

4. The Aligned Awards: see the best campaigns!

Want to see examples of the year’s best digital marketing campaigns from the national to local level? You’re in luck!

As a key component of Aligned, the Aligned Awards recognize the top campaigns that effectively connect and align national brands with their local retailers.

Past winners include GE Appliances (whose award-winning campaign was featured in Adweek) and Trek Bicycle. Check out the campaigns!

5. A new addition to Aligned this year: Training + Best Practices Day!

The goal of Aligned is to leave you with the best strategies to empower your local retailers, which is why we’ve added on a full day of training sessions before the official conference kick-off!

aligned conference

Want to learn more about wildly successful client campaigns? Want the early scoop on new and upcoming Promoboxx features? We’ll be covering it all!

These sessions are designed for all attendee skill levels, covering best practices for retailer marketing, as well as specific Promoboxx optimization techniques. Ready to up your game?

6. You’ll learn from and alongside experts from some of today’s leading brands…

What happens when you take leading digital trade and retail marketers from brands like New Balance, GE Appliances, and The North Face and put them in a room to talk shop? Chances are you’ll walk away with a few new tricks up your sleeve.

Just take a look at our Aligned 2015 recap and see what five key local marketing insights we picked up last year.

7. …and their local retailers.

You’ll not only hear from brand experts but the retailers that are working hard to keep their local businesses thriving in a digital world.

As a part of our retailer panel, awesome retailers will be sharing stories of navigating the digital marketing landscape, challenges with driving in-store traffic, and so much more. In the end, the retailers who speak at Aligned teach brands how they can go about winning retailer mindshare and improve support.

Check out the top takeaways from last year’s retailer panel here.

8. You’ll become a part of the Aligned community.

Come to Aligned, and you’ll join the ranks of the Aligned community as we only continue to grow as we push each other to strengthen brand-retailer relationships and strategies.

By becoming a part of our community of dedicated brand and retail professionals, you can help to change the game.

9. The Yacht Rock Harbor Cruise: prime networking on the Boston Harbor

What could be better than drinks and apps on an evening cruise through the Boston Harbor? How about all of that with the added bonus of prime networking opportunities? Yeah, pretty awesome.

aligned conference

Take the opportunity to have some fun and unwind with fellow attendees after a full day of learning and sessions.

10. You’ll leave feeling one step ahead.

If there’s one thing all Aligned attendees have in common, it’s our desire to innovate in order to develop full connection and alignment between national brands and their local retailers.

It’s also where those of us tasked with empowering independent retailers to become our brand’s best storytellers have learned a secret or two. Walk in a retail marketing champion, walk out a master…

Don’t just take it from us… Hear from last year’s attendees and speakers!

You could be a part of it all. Don’t miss out! Register now before we run out of seats.