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3 Tips to Spring-ify Your Social Media Strategy


Spring has sprung! Breathe new life into your social media strategy with these creative content tips.

Spring Clean Your Strategy

Many view springtime as a fresh start, and so should marketers. Take time to spring clean your own marketing strategy and get rid of the old tactics that no longer work. Think of your consumers in the same light, we’re all looking for crisp, fresh ideas during this time of year. Use this time to experiment with new ideas and do away with the old.

Lean into Seasonal Themes

As consumers, we all have purchasing behaviors that fit into the various themes of seasonality. We want to think of seasonality as evergreen content, constantly moving through the year. Think of these “seasonal themes” as conversations about the weather or certain events that take place within each season. Daylight Savings Time, Easter, rainy days, and flower blossoms are typically fool proof topics!

These holidays and seasonal themes are a great way to connect with your customer while taking advantage of the opportunity to suggest any products one might need for that rainy day adventure or Easter brunch.

Host an In-Store Spring Sales Event

Offer exclusive in-store promotions during a sales event! Invite customers to “spring into your stores” and take advantage of spring savings. Brands can offer special discounts, free gifts, or giveaways to boost sales and encourage UGC (user generated content) during the day’s activities. 

Be sure to run Paid Ads to promote the event beforehand to increase awareness and drive foot traffic to the event!

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