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3M Teams Up With Mohawk To Launch NASCAR Sweepstakes via Promoboxx


Back in February, 3M and Mohawk partnered up to run their first co-branded online campaign, using Promoboxx to help their dealers better promote their stores and best selling products. The current campaign includes the “Chasin’ the Dream” sweepstakes, giving consumers the opportunity to enter and win a dream vacation to see a NASCAR race and additionally receive a 10 percent off coupon for select Mohawk carpet and wood styles at participating stores.

3M and Mohawk’s goal was to run a program that promoted their best-selling products while better leveraging their aligned dealership’s online marketing channels. 3M and Mohawk turned to Promoboxx to activate their dealer networks to increase the online conversation around this sweepstakes and raise consumer awareness of where to buy their products locally.

Campaign Benefits for the Mohawk Aligned Dealers

Mohawk’s first campaign generates many benefits for its dealers, including (but not limited to) the following:

  1. Promoboxx is free for dealers to use! (Who doesn’t love free stuff?!) This campaign is 100% sponsored by 3M, allowing retailers to utilize the marketing content and check list of online share tools at absolutely no cost.
  2. This campaign allows each dealer to customize the exclusive national marketing content to highlight their store’s information and then easily share it on their website, Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail. Dealers can easily access and share their new and engaging nationally branded content that promotes their store with just a click of a button!
  3. This program helps drive more traffic to a dealer’s online channels and store. By generating buzz online, a store can bring in more customers with special offers and discounts supplied through the campaign.
  4. By activating their free Promoboxx accounts, dealers are able to gain access to hundreds of new customer contacts. All leads generated from the “Chasin the Dream” sweepstakes and 3M on-site NASCAR races have been matched up to individual stores based on geographic location. These contacts can be used for future maketing purposes.

What Mohawk dealers are saying so far…

The process was easy, and if I had a question Promoboxx was able to walk me through it nicely.

I really like how the campaign page layout looks professional and user-friendly to consumers.

The fact that you can like all the different pages from the campaign link (Scotchgard, 3M, personal stores, etc.) is awesome!

We often talk about the campaign in the store with consumers. The program helps us by giving another story to tell and differentiating us from the carpet stores down the block.

I really like the idea of the campaign, what Promobox is doing is a great thing.