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4 Things to Ask a Facebook Marketing Vendor

Are you considering a marketing tool or agency to run your online social promotions on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn? Here are 4 simple questions to remember to ask.

1. Who owns my leads?

This may seem like an obvious one, but many of social promotion companies co-own any leads generated. So every customer that enters your promotion, is now part of the opt-in mailing list of your vendor. Ask the provider if they have the right to market to your leads.  Note: We feel you should own your leads 100%, but that’s just us.

2. How is it promoted?

A social promotion without the promotion is just a fancy contact us form. A good social promotion company will have multiple ways to help you get the word out. This will make any paid advertising that you invest into your promotion that much more effective.

3. What’s my legal protection?

Nothing gets customers to respond like a sweepstakes or product giveaway, but done incorrectly they can expose you to legal issues. Make sure that the social promotions company is protecting you with its own policies or providing you with a customizable template. If they aren’t, you might have to hire a legal team to provide you with official rules and privacy policy, which can get expensive.

4. Are my promotion reusable?

There are many vendors and agencies who’ll charge you a big upfront fee for creating a social promotion. But, as promotions change with the seasons, you’t to reuse some of your old promotions. If you make sure your promotions are reusable,  you’ll save money on future ones.

Thanks for reading and good luck with your search! Feel free to reach out to the Promoboxx promotions team, we won’t mind if you ask us these same questions.



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