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4 Tips for Creating Content That Engages Local Consumers

87% of Instagram users said that they “took action” after seeing product information in their feed. This includes engagement with the post, following the brand, visiting their website, or making a purchase.

This is an incredibly important statistic for a brand or retail marketer when deciding where to put their marketing dollars!

The average person spends two hours a day on social media – creating content that effectively engages and excites local customers can be the best way businesses can connect with potential shoppers. At Promoboxx, we have run over 3 million local campaigns that appeal to retailers and drive consumer engagement – so we know what works! We’ve gathered tips for creating engaging content from the Promoboxx Customer Support team. Let’s get started!

1. Use High-Quality Visuals

Social media posts that include images and videos are 40x more likely to be re-shared on social media than posts that are simply text. People in images convey an emotional connection that resonates with the audience. Retailers are interested in posts that have images, and so are their local consumers.

2. Connect With Consumers

Let personality shine in your posts! Anyone can write a social media post that promotes a new product, but a post that has a little humor, tugs at heartstrings, or inspires will better resonate with consumers. Think about what interests you on social media. What would you want to share?

3. Always Include a Call to Action

Inspire your retailer’s followers to interact with your content by giving them a call to action! Targeting your audience with personalized CTAs leads to 42% more visits converted into leads compared to using untargeted CTAs. Every piece of content should have a purpose and a desired next action for the consumer. Clearly state what they should do next, for example, “Like the post if you agree”, “Fill out our survey”, or “Visit our store!.”

4. Support Your Retailers

Retailers can be your biggest champion for driving in-store foot traffic. Specialty retailers are experts in their industries, and their advice is trusted by consumers. Who better to fit a beginner mountain biker with their first bike than someone who works with these bikes every day, knows the pros and cons of each style, and can point them to some local trails? The first step, though, is actually getting the consumer into the store.

We hope these tips are inspiring as you continue to create great content that drives local consumer engagement!