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5 Easy Ways to Boost the Search Ranking of Your Facebook Page

As a retailer, a very important component of online marketing is your search engine ranking, also known as SEO. SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”, or in other words, where your page shows up on an internet search. When an individual completes a keyword search on sites such as Google, the search engine will rank the resulting websites based on their relevancy. The discoverability of your sites is extremely important for driving traffic to your online business pages or store. So how do you get to the top of the search? Below are our tips for increasing the SEO of your Facebook page.



1. The Name Game:

Whatever the name of your page may be, that is what Google (or Yahoo, or Bing) will use as the title of your page in search results. For instance if I name my page “Betsy’s Buffalo Burgers”, search engines will read the title of my Facebook page as “Betsy’s Buffalo Burgers | Facebook”. Therefore, if someone searches “Betsy’s Better Buffalo Burgers”, my Facebook page will likely be returned as a result. If, however, I was to name my page “BBBB” or Just “Burgers” it would be less likely to be returned in that same search. It may seem simple, but as a best practice, use your business’ name as the title for your page.

Step 1: Go to the left hand side of your personal Facebook and click on the business page you want to edit.

Step 2: Click “edit page” and in the drop down “update page info.”

Step 3: Click “edit” on the right hand side to change your page’s name.

 Facebook SEO


Facebook SEO


2. Who Are You?

Facebook provides a “Short Description” section (also called “About”) for you to include additional info about your business. This is a GREAT place to put keywords and phrases that will help return your page in a search. For example “Superior Sporting Goods” may want to incorporate words like shopping, sports, cleats, athletic gear, and basketball in this section. This will give their page a better chance at being returned in generic searches for sports equipment. So in the about section, use common keywords related to your business.




3. Where Are You?

Listing your location on Facebook is key to SEO, and Facebook allows you to incorporate this right into your page. Using this feature will improve the chances of your page being found when someone’s search is based on a specific location. For example if “Superior Sporting Goods” lists their address as 555 Homer St. Oakland, CA, then they have a good chance of showing up on a search for “Sporting Goods in Oakland”. When creating a business on Facebook be sure to include your address so that your page is returned in location based searches.


4. What’s Going On?

Relevant status updates are another important factor in SEO. By actively posting to your Facebook, you keep your page up to date and relevant, which will help your search ranking. Search engines don’t often return pages that don’t have very much activity. You also want to make sure you aren’t posting too frequently, or too much of the same content. Post new and interesting content in order to keep readers engaged. Posting links to articles, websites, and other relevant pages will keep your Facebook full of new and interesting content.


Through the Promoboxx platform, brands provide retailers with great, relevant material to post to their Facebook pages and other social media outlets.

5. Link Up

Search engines also take into account if a page is linked to from another page. The more links to a particular page across the web, the higher the search ranking. One thing you can do is post a link to your Facebook on your website. This not only helps fans find your Facebook page, but the link will help with your search ranking as well. Another component to this is posting links to other credible sites (including your own) on your Facebook. This helps boost your page’s credibility and helps your ranking as well. The more links to and from your page, the higher it will be ranked by search engines.


Improving the search ranking for your Facebook page can help get more likes and views and therefore drive more traffic to your store. Making a few simple changes will help push you up the the ranks and drive your page to the top of any search engine! Subscribe to our blog updates for more on this topic.