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5 Social Media Best Practices For Retailers

Promoboxx helps local retailers grow their online fan base by providing content that taps into the national marketing efforts of the brands that they carry. By opting into a Promoboxx campaign, retailers are able to quickly and easily customize, and promote their own version of a national campaign on their website, Facebook, Twitter, and via e-mail.

Aside from sharing national campaigns online via Promoboxx, there are a few best practices that retailers must follow in order to achieve long term social media success.

5 Social Media Best Practices For Retailers:

1. Be Authentic: Make your social channels a conversational tool that allow your retailer’s personality to come through. Humanize your online presence by listening to your customers, engaging with their comments and answering their questions. You will not only build up trust with your customers, but you will also build a loyal fan base.

2. Engage Your Online Fans: In order to engage your customers you must keep your content interesting and relevant. Share pictures or videos, highlight special promotions that you are running, demonstrate your industry knowledge and give your customers access to exclusive updates. By sharing relevant and engaging content you will build a strong online presence that will generate a stronger awareness of your retailer’s offerings.

3. Share Consistently & Frequently: It is important to share multiple times a day in order to keep your fans engaged. Keep in mind, some times are better to share than others. For instance, studies have shown that Facebook shares are the highest during the weekend and Twitter shares tend to be more active during late afternoon weekdays.  Remember, the more you share the more visibility you bring to your online channels.

3. Show Off: Social media is a great way to demonstrate your outstanding customer service. Whether a customer is asking about a promotion, a product or just posing a general inquiry, it is important to let them know that you are there for them. Use social media as a way to show off your exceptional customer service and expertise.

5. Calls to action: Maximize the effectiveness of your social media messages by using “calls-to-action”. Whether it’s signing up for an email list, sharing your content or asking your fans to “Like” your page for exclusive updates., these types of “calls-to-actions” encourage customer participation.