Many brand professionals are tasked with providing digital marketing support to their local retailers in order to engage audiences, drive foot traffic, and, ultimately, increase sales of products. If not immersed in the day-to-day of digital retail marketing support, though, it can be difficult to fully understand retailers’ needs.

If brands want to market more effectively through their retailers and develop more holistic, aligned top-down relationships, they must develop a more in-depth understanding of how to best provide retailers with digital support and fill in any gaps.

On the Frontline: Promoboxx Retail Support

The Promoboxx Retail Support team knows a thing or two about being immersed in retail marketing support. While the Promoboxx platform is a solution built to make digital marketing as easy and effective as possible for local retailers, there are still questions that come up as retailers navigate their way to larger digital marketing understanding.

This is why our Retail Support team is always here, ready to provide guidance and expertise for digital and all things Promoboxx should a question or challenge arise (all while lending the company a personable, friendly face).

To share their insights and help brands take their retail marketing to the next level, the Promoboxx Retail Support team explains five things brands should know about retail marketing support:

  1. The biggest retailer pain point is the initial fear of digital
  2. Retail support creates a valuable point of communication
  3. You learn more from talking to non-savvy retailers (or “negative” calls)
  4. Retail marketing support is about much more than quick fixes
  5. Give retailers an inch, and they’ll take a mile

1. The biggest retailer pain point is the initial fear of digital.

Many of the retailers our team talks to have been in business for decades. It can be hard for them to shake old habits and processes, and many continue to push off doing digital under the assumption that it’s going to be difficult.

“That initial fear of social and digital marketing is the one I encounter the most, so when they take that first step and ask for help, it’s huge. We are always ready to help and make things as easy as we can. We’re here to walk them through it.” – Brianna Headley, Retail Support Specialist

The easiest way to alleviate that initial fear is to make yourself present and let retailers know that you are available to provide guidance and answer any questions they may have. Taking that first step may be challenging for them, but making yourself readily available will only make it easier.

2. Retail marketing support creates a valuable point of communication.

In regularly speaking with retailers, the Promoboxx Retail Support team develops great relationships, building trust and gaining valuable insights into retailer pain points, motivations, and more.

Because of this, the team becomes a valuable point of contact and communication between the retailers they are helping every day and our brand customers. They are able to feed both sides valuable information and insights, helping to narrow any difficulty and further opening up these top-down relationships.

“In our conversations, we help to remind retailers that brands are creating content and marketing assets for them to use. Retailers are sometimes surprised that they want to help. We help to remind them that the brand really does care.” – Chloe Chalakani, Retail Support Specialist

What’s the takeaway? By working from a solid foundation of communication and digital support, brands will only build better relationships with their local retailers and lead partnerships of stronger marketing connection and alignment.

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3. You learn more from talking to non-savvy retailers (or “negative” calls).

Our team talks to a wide array of retailers, ones who are very digitally savvy and others who may have no experience with digital whatsoever.

While the communications with non-savvy retailers may take longer, they open up new conversations, shine a light on previously unexplored areas, and can reveal issues that wouldn’t have been revealed otherwise.

“We honestly learn more from calls with retailers who may have had a negative experience with digital marketing in the past. They provide great feedback. We wouldn’t learn anything if everyone was happy all the time.

By turning a negative experience into a positive one, we can turn them into an advocate.” – Barbara Donnelly, Retail Support Specialist

In order to truly grow and provide a level of support to all of their retailers, brands must practice patience and take the time to listen to retailers who may be working at a different learning curve.

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4. Retail marketing support is about much more than quick fixes.

While retail marketing support may be seen by some as a team devoted to making quick fixes and patching up holes, there is so much more to it than that.

“I’ve been working in customer support for a while now. We are the face of the company, so it’s important to practice empathy and be apologetic, friendly, and open. It will leave a great impression of both yourself and the company. Make it easy for the person on the other end.” – Barbara Donnelly, Retail Support Specialist

Outside of lending our company a personable, supportive face, the Promoboxx Retail Support team goes above and beyond in order to close the loop. When it comes to retail marketing support, it’s not just about resolving issues as quickly as possible. It’s about ensuring the ongoing success and understanding of local retailers.

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5. Give retailers an inch, and they’ll take a mile.

After our support team helps retailers to move past any initial challenges of digital marketing and provides them with a greater understanding of how the platform can help grow their business, retailers only seem to want more.

“So often I hear from retailers asking for access to more: more brand content, more cool features, etc. Once they realize that what we do is really valuable, they only want to extend that value. It’s a good problem to have. They’re all just looking for a certain level of support.” – Chloe Chalakani, Retail Support Specialist

It just goes to show: retailers are not as unsophisticated or disinterested in digital marketing as some unhealthy myths seem to say. Sometimes, they just need an extra push and the added support to get them going on their way towards digital marketing success.

Promoboxx: A New Level of Retail Marketing

Promoboxx allows leading brands like New Balance, GE Appliances, and Chevrolet to simply, effectively promote national digital marketing campaigns with their local retailers across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email, website, and more.

With Promoboxx, brands extend national messaging and amplify brand awareness at the local level, all while providing their retailers with an effective, easy-to-use digital marketing solution that drives in-store traffic.

Our amazing Retail Support team is just one of the many features of the Promoboxx platform:

  • Simple retailer enrollment
  • Easy campaign set-up
  • Access to reporting and tracking
  • World-class brand and retailer support
  • Ability to extend brand advertising funds and targeting capabilities
  • Clean and current retailer data
  • And so much more…

Contact us today to learn how you can start taking your retail marketing to the next level >

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