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5 Questions with Aligned Speaker David Calvert of GE Appliances

It’s hard to believe that the Aligned Conference is less than a week away! In keeping with our Aligned speaker series, we invite you to get to know David Calvert, Trade Advertising Manager at GE Appliances.

aligned conference david calvert ge appliances

David Calvert, GE Appliances

David has been with GE Appliances for over eight years, coupling a creative background in industrial design with a deep understanding of business strategy. In his current role, David is tasked with managing advertising resources and digital platforms to enable their sales team and trade partners to tell the GE Appliances story.

Recently, we spoke with David’s colleague and fellow Aligned speaker, Leslie Hagan (Merchandising & Trade Communications Manager at GE Appliances). Together, they work to support their retailers in promoting the GE brand and driving sales through innovative marketing and advertising programs.

David will be bringing his passion for defining and effectively distributing brand stories through local retailers as a part of the Aligned panel, “Reaching Local Customers at Scale.”

Can you speak to the importance of aligning specialty retailers to the national brand messaging?

By aligning to the national brand message, smaller retailers can take advantage of the broad message being told by the brand and make it actionable on the sales floor.

How is GE Appliances helping its retailers to connect and engage with local consumers and bring them in-store?

By providing them with content that helps consumers find new ways to use their appliances, our retailers are able to cultivate a positive relationship beyond the sale. Additionally, we are helping to get those consumers in-store through the use of targeted local ads that help in-market consumers discover some of the great products their local retailers have to offer.

What are you most excited for at this year’s Aligned Conference?

I am excited to connect with other brands and learn how they are making advertising easier for their local retailers.

Best career advice you were given or personal motto you live by?

Challenges are opportunities.

Who is your favorite local retailer?

Those who understand the importance of creating a positive experience with their brand from online to in-store.

Thank you, David, for the insights! We can’t wait to hear more this September 14-16 in Boston. Learn more about the Aligned Conference and the event’s featured brand speakers here.

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