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A Forward-Thinking Approach to Retailer Support [Aligned 2016 Recap]

The Aligned Conference was founded because there was something missing. There was no conference that brought together iconic brands from across industries to talk shop and develop innovative retailer support strategies.

Aligned has filled this gap head-on, and after just wrapping its third year, the goals are the same. The only difference now is that the conference itself has grown bigger and better.

This year, we had an even more diverse array of brand and industry representation, with attendees joining us from around the world. We even had a 50% increase in attendee growth from last year and sold out for the first time ever.

Thank you to all who attended for helping to make the event a continual and evolving success.

Hear what some of this year’s attendees had to say:

“The sessions were great, but the connections made were invaluable. The Promoboxx team is passionate about helping brands help retailers — and it shows.” – Casey Lewis, Implus

aligned conference

“Where else can you meet inspiring individuals from around the globe, who are passionate about their retailers and providing them with the best content possible? I left feeling re-energized about the content I’m creating, as well as gained a ton of knowledge, tips, and tricks on how else to support my retailers.” – Cristi Porta, Arc’teryx

aligned conference tweet

“For my first time at Aligned, I was not really sure what to expect, and the conference was extremely rewarding. I learned more than I ever would have thought to at a conference. With such a positive and forward-thinking atmosphere, you could not help but feel inspired.” – Cambria Peterson, Standlee Forage

In addition to the amazing speaker lineup, fruitful group discussions, and key networking time, here are some highlights from this year’s Aligned:

Retailer Panel Is the Hit of the Conference

While all of the sessions proved rewarding in what was discussed and presented, the Retailer Panel was (once again) the biggest hit of the conference. All in attendance were eager to hear honest responses from retailers on what they want from brands and how they succeed in today’s digital marketing landscape.

The only way people think it could be improved next year? By adding more retailers!

aligned retailer panel

From left to right: Charlotte Walsh (Owner of Charles River Running Company), Johanna Fiedler (Senior Retailer Marketing & Support Manager at Promoboxx), Stacey Gray (Social Media Manager at Crowley Automotive)

Training and Best Practices Day

We had our first-ever Training and Best Practices Day before the official start of the conference, featuring wildly successful case studies, retailer feedback, and more. We had a great first run and only hope that this continues to grow alongside the rest of the conference!

Aligned Awards Winner: Mohawk Flooring!

Against some heavy competition from brands like New Balance and GE Appliances, Mohawk Flooring took home the Aligned Award this year for their ‘Love Your Floor Sale’ campaign. Congratulations to their team on such a successful campaign!

mohawk flooring aligned awards winner

From left to right: Lillian Shaw (Digital Content Specialist at Mohawk), Andrew Glenn (Sr. Brand Account Manager at Promoboxx), Mollie Surratt (Sr. Director of Public Relations, Social Media & Content Marketing at Mohawk)

Local Business of the Year: Classic Lawton Chevrolet!

After a lot of deliberation, the Promoboxx team voted on our first-ever Local Business of the Year, and the winner is… Classic Lawton Chevrolet! We extend a big congratulations to them and a thank you to all of the amazing retailers that showed their interest. Keep your eye out for our upcoming blog series highlighting all of the applicants.

aligned conference local business of the year

Classic Lawton Chevrolet

Promoboxx Funding Announcement

Amidst all of the exciting Aligned announcements, we had one to make of our own: Promoboxx has raised an $8.2 million Series A round of funding! Having the financial and strategic support of these sophisticated investors only fuels our momentum as a company, and we couldn’t be more excited for what the future holds.

Join the Aligned Community

aligned community, retailer supportWant to be a part of a community of brand and retail professionals dedicated to changing the game? We invite you to join the Aligned Community group on Facebook! The group is a dedicated space for discussions, updates, and more as we push each other to strengthen brand-retailer relationships and strategies.

Be sure to stay tuned over the coming weeks for more in-depth Aligned recaps and other related content. In the meantime, check out our Aligned Conference 2016 Speaker Highlights:

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