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5 Questions with Aligned Speaker Sheldon Bailey from ADM

Sheldon Bailey ADM

Next up in our Aligned Speaker Series is Sheldon Bailey, Consumer Business Manager at ADM Animal Nutrition. ADM is all about passion, commitment and good old fashioned work ethic, and Sheldon’s role makes him uniquely positioned to speak to the importance of a strong retailer strategy that focuses on digital marketing.

Digital marketing plays a key role in delighting customers throughout the buyer journey; however, many retailers struggle to implement digital marketing because they don’t have the right tools, the right enablement from the brand, or even the time to do it well. Sheldon will be speaking at the Aligned Conference on how to define a retailer enablement strategy that drives digital marketing and delivers on consumer expectations in his session ‘Why Retailer Enablement is Critical to Your Digital Marketing Strategy’.

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Can you speak to the importance of aligning local retailers to the national brand messaging?

The long term advantage of aligning local retailers to the national brand messaging is that products can’t always stand on their own attributes. There isn’t always enough time to build that depth of trust before the product is replaced by the next new thing, so the brand that stands behind the product will be the one that builds a connection that lasts for generations. The more that a retailer identifies with a quality brand, the stronger their own company becomes as a supplier of quality products and services. A current day advantage is that the national brand is communicating information about new products, promotions, and seasonal needs to the retailer’s local customers through national print and digital advertising. Promoboxx campaigns are designed to mirror and enhance these communications, and the retailer becomes the method to answer the question of how the consumer can get to the product.

How does ADM empower its local retailers?

ADM empowers its independent farm and ranch retail stores by providing them with education and choice. The retailer can be selective in what products they choose to offer, and they can maintain complete control of their customers and contacts. ADM uses a targeted marketing approach where everyone who receives the national brand message has an invitation to access the product in their local store.

This is your first year at Aligned. What are you most excited for?

I’m excited to participate in discussions with those outside my industry to find new approaches to common opportunities.

What is the best career advice you were given or a personal motto you live by?

There’s no shortcut to success.  Failure isn’t a lack of finding opportunities, but a lack of discipline to schedule adequate time working though the details.

Who is your favorite local retailer?

HyVee Grocery Stores out of Des Moines, IA.  They are bright, clean, provide fresh products, competent and friendly service, offer savings options, use local youth labor fairly, and invest in the community.

Thank you for chatting with us, Sheldon! We can’t wait to hear more about this September 20-22 in Boston. Learn more about the Aligned Conference.