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Aligned Speaker Spotlight: Jeremy McKinley, Trek Bicycle

I’ll be sitting down with Jeremy McKinley, Retail Marketing Manager for Trek Bikes, at Aligned on Thursday morning to talk about how Trek effectively supplies its retailers with the proper skills and tools to accelerate the brand past all of its competitors.

Jeremy is a fantastic addition to the Aligned agenda, having had more than 15 years of experience working with Trek Bicycle’s retailers. Trek helps deliver industry-leading support to its dealer body, really stepping up to the plate for perhaps their most important customer of all: the local retailer. As Jeremy explains,

“Being the industry leader in the bicycle industry, there’s a lot we do at Trek to help our dealers become better marketers and business people. Through digital platforms like Promoboxx, our internal training program Trek University, and in-store programs, we equip our dealers with tools that uphold our premium brand image while helping these dealers increase sales.”

Retailers, in turn, are able to better promote their business and Trek’s premium content on a constant basis all year round.

Don’t Just Help Retailers Become Better Marketers:  Help Them Become Better Business People

Jeremy will take us through the inherent challenges and opportunities of being a premium, seasonal, industry-leading brand that sells through local retailers. A good deal of these retailers own and operate their shops because of their passion for bicycling, and for some, marketing is an afterthought. Being a highly seasonal industry, there are times of year that are incredibly busy for these retailers and times when business can be sluggish.

Join Us at Aligned

Learn from Jeremy McKinley, Trek’s Retail Marketing Manager, at Aligned, September 24-26, 2014 at the Fairmont Battery Wharf in Boston, MA. Register here!