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Appliance Buying Group, NEAEG, Partners with Promoboxx to Help Retailers Embrace Digital Marketing

Our team is excited to announce that appliance cooperative buying organization, the New England Appliance and Electronics Group (New England division of NECO), has recognized Promoboxx as part of its new Preferred Digital Vendor Program. The goal of the partnership is to help local appliance stores embrace digital marketing.

Through the program, appliance dealer members can access and promote professional brand content for Frigidaire, Electrolux, GE Appliances, Haier, Fisher Paykel, and Speed Queen across their digital channels (website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, email) via the Promoboxx platform.

NEAEG is a cooperative buying organization whose goal is to give independent appliance stores a market advantage over big box corporations, supporting almost 120 independent appliance retailers. Retailers are provided digital marketing tools, solutions, webinars, and marketing advice as part of their member benefits. Its most recent initiative is the Preferred Digital Vendor Program.

shelley kanther neaeg

Shelley Kanther, Marketing and Digital Strategy Consultant at NEAEG

The woman behind this initiative is Shelley Kanther, Marketing and Digital Strategy Consultant at NEAEG, who joined the organization earlier this year. In this role, she is a dedicated resource to retailers, providing them with tools, solutions, and marketing advice.

Shelley is an appliance industry veteran, having previously worked at Electrolux as their Marketing Development Manager for the Northeast region. Given her experience, she has a deep understanding of how crucial digital marketing is to the survival of local appliance stores.

What is the Preferred Digital Vendor Program?

SK: The Preferred Digital Vendor Program is NEAEG’s answer to better helping local appliance retailers understand and succeed with digital marketing. The program seeks to provide certified, trustworthy digital marketing vendors that have been vetted by us. Vendors can apply for the program, provide references, and we’ll conduct a full review of the company and its customer service team.

new england appliances and electronics group preferred digital vendor

Why did Promoboxx stand out as a Preferred Digital Vendor?

SK: Having previously been a Promoboxx customer during my time at Electrolux, I was familiar with how the platform makes it super easy for appliance dealers to promote brand content across their digital channels, ultimately bringing more customers in-store to make a purchase.

Their support team is exceptional, and Promoboxx is sponsored by the brand, which makes it free to the local retailer. The reporting tools, automation and scheduling features, and paid digital ads are also additional platform perks.

What are some of the top digital marketing challenges appliance dealers face today?


Time – Retailers are challenged with finding the time to understand digital marketing and make an educated decision. Independent retailers don’t often have a marketing person, and they wear a lot of hats (sales, finance, service, marketing!).

To counter this, the NEAEG provides bi-weekly 30-minute webinars that cover the basics of Facebook, SEO, SEM, social media, etc. In addition, I was hired in part to be a readily available resource to our members.

ROI on digital – Retailers have the tendency to scrutinize digital results more so than compared to traditional marketing, probably because it isn’t “tangible” like a print ad, billboard, or TV spot would be.

We try to hold recap meetings with our retailer members after a digital marketing campaign has run to help identify ROI on spend. We also try to educate members on the meaning behind the metrics and value of increased brand awareness from digital, as well as the importance of customer engagement through social media – all of which impact sales, but may not have a linear relationship.

Importance of embracing digital – Retailers need help breaking out of the traditional mindset. They need to understand that they will disappear if their digital footprint is missing.

When I meet with retailers, I try to help them understand the transition: your storefront is now your website, your reputation has moved beyond your sales force and service team to include online reviews, social media interaction, etc.

In addition, we use statistics that overwhelmingly support the public transition to a digital-first society and relate those stats to how they live, shop, and play. It quickly becomes obvious that digital is crucial.

Both the NEAEG and Promoboxx share a common belief that locally owned businesses have the most profound impact on their communities and want to help them succeed in today’s retail environment.

At Promoboxx, we strive to make digital marketing simple, easy, and effective for the tens of thousands of retailers we serve every day. We look forward to amplifying this as an official partner of the New England Group!

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