New data shows, appliance consumers make their purchases in-store.

Local appliance dealers, rejoice! A new survey from Netsertive, a fellow supporter of independent businesses, shows that 87% of appliance shoppers researched their item online, but made their actual purchase at local dealer locations.

The combination of a strong digital marketing and confident, knowledgeable in-store employees seals the deal for appliance shoppers.

appliance consumers 87%

According to the 2017 Netsertive Home Appliances Path to Purchase Survey:

  • 43% of shoppers researched local dealer websites before making an in-store purchase.
  • 27.2% percent of shoppers surveyed were unsure about what brand they wanted to purchase when they started their appliance research but knew which dealer location they wanted to buy from.

consumer appliances infographic - 43%

Digital helps to build trust and attract business, while local stores can close the deal.

So, what does this mean for retail marketers? Retail marketers need to address the common challenge of how to get that high quality, sales-driving content to their local consumers through their dealers. The first step is creating an open connection between retailers and brands.

How can you create alignment between your brand and your retailer network?

Promoboxx makes it simple and straightforward for brands to share their national marketing and advertising content with their retailers to help keep their brand consistent, while also helping to drive in-store sales. With a simple upload process, national brand content is in the hands of dealers within minutes, making it easy for them to share on their own social media pages and websites!

Find out how having strong online presence can drive in-store traffic and reach local consumers. Request a Demo!

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