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More and more brands are discovering Promoboxx’s power to generate new leads – and they love it. Today, let’s take a look at how you can benefit too.


Promoboxx Lead GenHow Can Promoboxx Help You Generate New Leads?

Lead generation (often referred to as lead gen) is a big opportunity in standard and advanced campaigns on Promoboxx, which offer retailers and brands the opportunity to gather customer data. Customers are eager to provide their contact information in return for:

  • Requesting coupons or rebates
  • Being contacted directly about the product/service/sale
  • Being the first to know when a product is released
  • Entering contests and promotions

The new contacts gained from lead gen campaigns are added to a consumer list from past campaigns and any contacts that were imported by the retailer. With the right follow-up from the retailer, these leads can turn into repeat customers. You can also upsell them more expensive products, encourage them to post online product reviews, ask them to refer new customers to you, get them to like you on your social media channels, and maybe even turn them into your brand ambassadors. It all starts with lead gen!

So How Does It Work?

Once your brand launches your Promoboxx campaign, dealers will promote it through their Facebook, Twitter, email, and banner ads. Customers who discover your campaigns in those places will have the opportunity to fill out their information as they respond to your offers and promotions.

You get that consumer information easily and seamlessly. Once the customer enters contact information, the dealer receives an email saying a new lead has come in and has the opportunity to follow up. The dealer will also be notified in the Consumers tab in the platform (see image below), and can keep track of how many leads have been acquired through a specific campaign.

What about the Brand?

We make sure that you, the brand, are in the know too! Simply by reviewing the reports on your campaign platform, you can track how many leads your retailers have received. You can then let your other retailers about the leads you have generated and share what you have learned about customers’ buying behavior.

Build Your Leads, Sales and Brand at the Same Time

I hope this post has helped you understand more about a Promoboxx benefit that you might not have considered before … Promoboxx’s power to work as a lead-generating engine. We have many ways to attract customers’ attention and are constantly adding new features to grow our offering. Be sure to check out our Academy site, providing how-to’s and best practices using Promoboxx for both retailers and brands.

If you would like to know more, why not contact us today?