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Andrew Glenn

4 Things Retail Marketers Can Learn from Trek Bikes

A day before thousands of Trek retailers’ eyes widened, I walked into the expo hall and balanced a 10.25lb Émonda road bike on my index...

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Andrew Glenn

Selling Icing for Cake: Tier 2 Trust Drives Success

Sales reps play an integral role in their brand’s success by forging personal relationships with clients. When a brand seeks to expand ...

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Andrew Glenn

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Marketing

Harley Davidson or Ducati? Future motorcycle owners can easily imagine which logo would be emblazoned on their new jacket. The brand...

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Andrew Glenn

PepsiCo Leverages Retailers for “Bring Home The Hoops”

PepsiCo sells its products in a wide variety of retail outlets and one area that’s especially important is their foodservice operators. F...

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