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It’s safe to say that fall is a busy season, kids are back in school, the holidays will be here before you know it, and everyone is trying to end the year on a high note.

With so much going on, fall can be the perfect time for you to grow your business. If you’re looking for some new campaign ideas, we bet you’ll fall in love with these.🍁🍃🎃

Create seasonal content

Seasonal themes can inspire great content! As a retailer, you can use the changing season to explain what’s in and what’s out and talk about any new fall trends. 

Add some fall color 

Fall is full of distinctive hues and amazing colors!  This gives you a wide variety of colors to use in your content and provides you with the opportunity to adapt to different themes.

Celebrate holidays and national days

As we mentioned earlier, fall is full of activity and holidays! Identify which holidays/national days you want to celebrate and give yourself time to plan and implement a campaign designed specifically for these days.

Add fall energy into your social media 

When building your social media strategy, keep fall in mind. Even if you don’t have specific fall products to promote, you can use colorful imagery or create a fall setting to promote them so you can maintain post engagement, build brand awareness, and attract new followers who could turn into future customers. 

– Create special fall products or services

Introducing seasonal products or services and setting a limited timeframe around products creates the FOMO effect!

Fall contests and giveaways

Fall contests and giveaways are a great way to gain new followers on your social media platforms. It’s also a good opportunity to prompt potential customers to follow your account or tag a friend in order to participate. 

– Use Emojis and Hashtags

Get extra exposure and make your campaigns stand out with fun fall emojis and hashtags! #FallSale #FallSavings #Fall #FallVibes 🍃🍁🎃🦃

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