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Here at Promoboxx, we LOVE our retailers, and keeping them engaged in our platform is very important to us. Meeting retailers’ needs is key to having engaged users, which is why we started the Retailers Rule! interview series to share retailer insights across industries and help to better connect them with their brands.

Our latest interview features a local Boston area retailer, fourth-generation business owner Christian Jason, President of Boston Appliance. Over the course of our conversation, I gathered key retailer insights into how the appliance store promoted Small Business Saturday, the importance of digital marketing, and how they interact with the Electrolux brand.

“I really love the Promoboxx platform and value your company.  Being a 4th generation business owner in a challenging market and industry, it is extremely useful to have companies like yours around that shine a light on the independent retailer.” – Christian Jason, Boston Appliance

Tell us a little bit about your business and your appliance

My name is Christian Jason, and I am President of Boston Appliance. Why choose Boston Appliance? We have been owned and operated by the same family for over 60 years, and we are well-established in the Boston community. Our honest approach has rewarded us with a steady stream of referrals and repeat business from happy customers in the greater Boston area.

Our loyal customers visit us from Boston, Cambridge, Newton, Lexington, Lynnfield, Wellesley, Arlington, Concord, Wakefield, and countless other locations across New England. Our showroom offers a refreshing change of pace from the big box stores. Our sales staff won’t pressure you–instead, we draw upon decades of experience to answer your questions and empower you to choose the appliances that are right for your home.

Did you participate in Small Business Saturday?

We participated in Small Business Saturday this year. There was an excellent turnout, and I feel confident that it had everything to do with the local advertising that we did. We advertised through traditional newspaper and, of course, through Facebook. We had an incredible laundry sale, and we baked chocolate chip cookies and had them in the showroom for customers.

What has your experience with Promoboxx been like so far?

Great, very easy to use, and it makes marketing a breeze!

What is your favorite Promoboxx feature?

Everything, but the integration with our vendors and the ease of use to promote materials are my favorites. The platform is user-friendly and, because it’s not a complicated platform to use, it takes off a lot of the stress.

How does digital content impact your store’s success?

It is everything. If you’re not on the forefront of digital marketing, you will fail; plain and simple. With Promoboxx, we’re able to save time and resources.

What has been your favorite Electrolux campaign and why?

boston appliances electrolux

Example co-branded Facebook content

I’m a huge fan of the Electrolux Dream Kitchen Sweepstakes. I strongly believe in the Electrolux brand and believe that it offers a great value to the end consumer.

How has the Promoboxx platform saved you time given your daily responsibilities at work?

Promoboxx does 90% of the work. We basically just push the buttons and move on to other tasks.

What is your biggest piece of advice for retailers just starting on Promoboxx?

Most small businesses don’t have the same resources or marketing departments as the big-name brands, so utilizing social media and digital content is essential for their success. Do the right thing and utilize Promoboxx! You will save time and make more money. Time is money, so stop wasting your time on everything else. I am a Promoboxx fan for life! Rock on.

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