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It’s relatively easy for brands to stay visible to retailers, but it’s much more difficult to stay relevant.

Relevant means that your goals for your brand and products align with retailers’ goals to increase sales. And it’s sometimes easy to lose sight of a simple fact: your retailers carry more than just your products. They typically carry your competitors’ products, too. You’re just one voice begging for their attention. And retailer attention is a rare and limited commodity.

Even when brands know what retailers need, it isn’t always easy to make meaningful connections. For example, many retailers are struggling with implementing social media strategies. What’s worse, they’re starved for content. So how are brands going to get retailers the resources they need today?

Ways Promoboxx Helps

Deliver Exclusive, Customizable Content

Promoboxx’s platform is a terrific way to enlist retailers into a campaign where you regularly and continually deliver content for their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages that they can lightly customize and easily publish to thousands of fans.

Use Sweepstakes & Contests To Collect Sales Leads

A contest is a great answer to “What’s in it for me?” Consumers are quick to participate in programs that offer a chance to win something or gain discounts. And retailers can use sweepstakes and contests to engage with consumers. If you include strategies like “Watch & Win” you can also use these programs to educate consumers about products, enhance brand awareness, and encourage consumers to provide detailed personal information (i.e. qualified leads).

Experience Widespread Retailer Adoption

If your marketing solution isn’t easy, retailers won’t use it. Promoboxx has an easy enrollment flow to get your retailers up and running.

Gain Visibility with Reporting and Tracking

In the dark on retailer participation with your marketing campaigns? Promoboxx brings you into the light with complete retailer and campaign tracking.

That’s just a few ways you can use Promoboxx’s platform to directly engage retailers and stay relevant.  The key is this: look for ways to connect and engage your retailers regularly by giving them tools that apply to their unique business needs. Make it easy for them to use these tools. And track what works so that you can optimize for the future.

Stay relevant, my friends.

Updated by Ashleigh Anderson January 2023.