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Manufacturing brands spend a lot of resources to perfect their brand persona – it’s time to align with retailers and ensure that they’re telling the same brand story.

We’ve all heard the stories. A representative of company X acts in a way that goes against public favor, and suddenly the whole company’s values shift in the eyes of consumers. This is why companies mandate strict brand guidelines, and make sure that every message on their marketing channels rings true to their brand persona. But what about the marketing channels of their biggest consumer-facing representatives; their retailers?

Independent retailers are often swept under the rug, because manufacturing brands with hundreds, even thousands of retailers simply do not have the means of ensuring their independent retailers are representing the brand accordingly. This is why Promoboxx was built with the core capability of engaging retailers and providing detailed engagement reporting back to you, the brand. Now, you can give your independents the professional branded content that they want and see exactly how they’re using it to promote your brand across all of their channels. From retailers’ interest in a particular campaign, to how receptive local customers are to these co-branded campaigns, the Promoboxx reporting suite gives you detailed reporting metrics along the way.

In fact, today’s leading manufacturing brands like Chevrolet, Trek Bicycle, Timberland, General Electric, Pepsi and more are discovering that their retailers are a powerful marketing asset and recognize the necessity to have brand continuity across their retail network. That’s why they’ve turned to Promoboxx.

Now, Brands Are Finding It’s Easy to Market Alongside Independent Retailers

Promoboxx is a frictionless, scalable marketing platform that takes your nationally-branded marketing assets, customizes them to your independent retailer and then invites that retailer to easily promote your content all over the web. From there, the platform tracks each marketing action of the retailer and the consumer, delivering insights never before accessible by the brand.

Each time you invite a retailer to promote a nationally-branded marketing asset via Promoboxx (called a “campaign”), the platform tracks the retailer’s response (dubbed “engagement metrics”). Here’s a campaign example that promotes the launch of Timberland’s Hazel Highway boot collection:

LandingPageLauxSports (1)

Launching campaigns on Promoboxx allows you to:

  1. Unearth which brand campaigns perform the best with your retailers.
    Is it inspirational, promotional, educational content or a mix of something else?
  2. Discover what marketing channels are most effective for your retailers.
    Do social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram drive engagement over tried-and-true channels like Email and Website?
  3. Decide how well your brand is connecting with local consumer audiences.
    Is your global or national brand story being accurately told by each of your independent retailers?

Once you find your winning formula, engaging retailers and their local audiences with Promoboxx will seem effortless. Here’s a little bit more on how our platform’s reporting helps you do exactly that.

Brands Get Access to the Total Consumer Reach of Their Retailers

Brands that tap into the total consumer reach of their local retailers can see a 4x increase in reachable customers. To access this expanded group, your Promoboxx Brand Dashboard gives you a high-level view of the digital marketing actions your retailers are taking on the web and the total reach of those digital actions.

The Brand Dashboard reporting tells brands how the marketing campaigns (ie: the nationally-branded marketing assets you upload into Promoboxx) are being promoted by independent retailers. Knowing this, brands can optimize their content to get at their total expanded consumer reach.


Throughout the duration of a campaign, brands track which retailers viewed and promoted the content in addition to total consumer engagement metrics. This data allows brands to increase the total reach of the campaign by equipping its independent retailers with the ability to easily promote an initiative on their local marketing channels.

Brands Discover That Activating an Entire Independent Retail Network Is Scalable

With Promoboxx, retailers (all or a segmented group) will be invited to activate content on a campaign-by-campaign basis. Measured as the Activation Rate, your Retail Marketing Team will see the percentage of invited retailers that have enrolled in a specific campaign. The Activation Rate is a great way to understand which types of campaigns are most interesting to your retailers.

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 5.38.11 PM

For example, Activation may be higher for campaigns featuring inspirational content, rather than content promoting a sale event (or vice versa). Knowing this, you can get the most out of your future marketing efforts by giving your retailers more of the types of campaign content they’re hungry for.

Invite a specific number of retailers to each campaign View how many retailers are engaged with a campaign Dig in deeper with  more detailed retailer-by-retailer reporting

Brands Understand That Knowing the Retailers’ Most Popular Marketing Channels Is Imperative

For each campaign, you’ll want to know how well the content is performing. Do you currently know which channels (ie: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Email, Website) are resonating the best with your retailers and their local audiences?

With our Campaign Summary Reports, you can compare local marketing channels by how well they perform with retailers and consumers. Once you have those key insights in hand, your winning engagement formula will emerge.

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Discover how frequently retailers are promoting content See which days are best for engaging retailers and consumers Find out how effective a retailer’s local ads are performing

Big Brands Are Optimizing Their Business Around Retailer Alignment

Once brands begin aligning themselves with their retailers, the overall health of the retail network will emerge. Promoboxx calls this the “Pulse” of the network.

With Pulse Reporting, Promoboxx gives you a breakdown of how many retailers out of your total network are promoting your content. Brands can also view:

  1. Email Marketing Health: What percentage of your retail network promotes your brand via email? How large are their email lists?
  2. Website Health: What percentage of your retail network promotes your brand via their local website? What percentage of campaign traffic is driven by their websites?
  3. Social Network Health: How many retailers are leveraging social channels like Facebook and Twitter, and the potential consumer reach of those networks.
  4. Network Autonomy: How many retailers promote your content “manually” vs. how many have enabled automations for each marketing channel giving you full access to their local consumer network?
 [icon name=”bar-chart” class=”fa-4x”] Pulse Reporting allows brands to discover opportunities that increase activity among your retail network.

Retailer Engagement Matters to Today’s Biggest Brands

You’re already spending time and resources to perfect your brand voice and the messaging on your marketing channels. Now, ensure that your retailers are in alignment and promoting you on their own marketing channels with the same brand voice.

Promoboxx facilitates an open dialogue between brand, retailer, and customer. Holistically, Promoboxx Reporting aims to:

  1. Help brands gain a deeper understanding of their network of retailers
  2. Discover what content engages retailers and their customers the best
  3. Shape brand perception in the eyes of retailers and consumers alike

There are loads more features that today’s biggest brands are already taking advantage of on Promoboxx. Contact me at to learn more!