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For many brand and retail marketers, achieving marketing alignment and sales through their local retail channel are difficult challenges. Traditionally, co-op advertising programs have tried to align the national-to-local message between brands and retailers, but have failed. Why? Marketing budget dollars go unspent, digital program offerings are weak, retailers have to take time away from their stores to figure out guidelines and reimbursement paperwork…it’s a clunky and ineffective process.

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Brand Sponsored Ads for Retailers

Setting out to make national-to-local advertising more efficient, Promoboxx launched its Local Ads feature early last year after analyzing the challenges for both our brand and retailer customers. Local Ads leverages our existing alignment platform, and helps brands extend their advertising content, targeting, and media mix expertise to their retail partners. Local Ads programmatically customizes the creative and targets potential customers near each storefront through ads placed on Facebook, Instagram, or mobile display.

Since the initial launch, Promoboxx has doubled down on efforts to simplify the local advertising process between brands and their retailer partners. Brands today will receive more customization opportunities with the distribution of their Local Ads funds as:tpor facebook ads

  • Local Ads Credits
  • Invest in Top Retailers (no longer just by campaign)


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Local Ads Credits

Promoboxx has made it even more straightforward for retailers to use their allocated ad dollars, these funds will now be listed as “Local Ads Credits.” The budget will be delivered to the retailer in the form of ‘credits’ that they can spend on a specific campaign. The retailer can then utilize those credits within Promoboxx to publish ads from the indicated campaign. The experience for brands and retailers is fully programmatic and takes minimal planning to successfully execute.

promoboxx local ads

Invest in Your Top Retailers

Brands can now sponsor Local Ads Credits for retailers that can be applied to any campaign created by their brand. These credits will go towards digital advertising and brand approved content, and will be monitored through an expiration date set by the brand to accommodate co-op advertising budgets.

This new functionality empowers brands to invest in their top retailers, rather than just in specific initiatives, such as a product launch. It empowers retailers to put advertising dollars behind content that is important to their local market, rather than what is prioritized nationally.

The best part? Both of our Local Ads features can be used side-by-side. Brands can simultaneously continue supporting local advertising for key campaigns, and complement that with an investment in specific retailers. When executed correctly, this is a winning combination that drives in-store traffic and sales.

Local Ads Completed Screen

Local Advertising that Works

Brands running Promoboxx Local Ads on average gain three million local consumers reached per campaign, and see the consumer views of brand content increase by approximately 25 times their previous views. Customers like New Balance and Mohawk have experienced a direct increase with their in-store sales:

New Balance targeted Facebook advertising to Fleet Feet stores across the country, to drive awareness of the Fresh Foam Vongo shoe. The brand received strong positive feedback from the field, including a reported 2x increase in sales for one territory.

new balance in-store sales
Mohawk Flooring ran paid ads on Facebook and mobile display with nearly 400 of its retail partners. Mohawk experienced a 50% increase in directly attributed sales compared to previous campaigns.


More Effective Use of Marketing Budgets

Promoboxx continues to invest in programmatic, local advertising solutions to provide brands with a more efficient way to spend advertising budgets. This new update directly assists brands who struggle to spend their full budgets, or want to encourage a higher percentage of co-op dollars to go toward digital advertising and social media promotion.

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A Better Solution for Locally Targeted Advertising

Brands may have a clear national advertising strategy, but more often than not are not communicating the same message through their retail partners. Brands can see growth and increased loyalty from their local consumers by understanding how much their customers know and trust the voice of their local retailers. Traditional co-op advertising has not thrived in this local arena because of a lack of adoption. Promoboxx Local Ads enables brands to programatically allocate credits to specific retailers and campaigns, strategically utilizing their marketing budgets.

Have you struggled with cohesive messaging between brands and retailers? Do you have unused co-op dollars in your budget? Contact us to learn more today >

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