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What is the true value of brand-to-retailer connection and alignment? While we know all too well the impact that can occur when national brands and local retailers work towards digital marketing alignment, there still remains the lingering question of proven ROI.

Not anymore.

With our latest product update, Post-Campaign Surveys, we are taking a step towards attacking the question of ROI head-on.

Post-Campaign Surveys: Measuring Campaign Effectiveness

Post-Campaign Surveys is exactly what it sounds like: automated surveys that are sent out to retailers who have participated in a brand campaign via Promoboxx. Promoboxx allows leading brands like New Balance, GE Appliances, and Chevrolet to simply, effectively promote national digital marketing campaigns with their local retailers across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email, website, and more.

The new Post-Campaign Surveys feature builds upon our current offering by allowing us to collect retailer feedback on the success of specific brand campaigns:

  • Did customers come into the store asking about the campaign?
  • Were there new customers buying the product in your store after seeing the campaign?
  • Did you see increased website traffic? Increased Facebook page engagements?

With this exciting new update, we are now able to provide direct feedback to the brands on the quality and effectiveness of their campaigns, straight from their retailers.

Post-Campaign Surveys: How It Works

Set-up: When brands are setting up important campaigns, they now have the option to turn on the “Campaign Surveys” option within the Promoboxx platform. All it takes is the simple switch of a button.

Format: Retailers receive an email asking them a single question: “Was [campaign name] successful?”

Submission: Once the retailer selects “Yes” or “No” within the email, their response is captured, and they are then directed to some follow-up questions (depending upon what their initial response was).

If they said “Yes,” here are the follow-up questions they receive:

promoboxx digital roi

If they said “No,” here is the follow-up question they receive:

promoboxx digital roi

Reporting: Within the Promoboxx platform, brands can then see the number of retailers who responded “Yes” or “No” and who those retailers are. From there, they can review a survey responses breakdown to see who responded to what and what their exact answers were.

Digital ROI: Tying It All Back to Retail Impact

At Promoboxx, we are always looking for ways to tie everything we do back to true impact on the local retail level. Post-Campaign Surveys allows us to do just that, giving us the ability to easily measure campaign effectiveness and show brands the ROI that Promoboxx provides.

By providing a consistent and systematic way to survey retailers after designated campaigns, we now have the data to show brands how effective their campaigns really are for their local retailers.

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