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Earlier this year, Mizuno (USA) debuted its What If Everybody Ran? campaign online to help us all better understand the power of running and its impact on our mental, economical, and physical health.

Using findings from its study with University of North Carolina Kenan Flager Business School, Mizuno integrated these statistics into compelling content for its #IfEverybodyRan campaign. Some findings include: 7 billion more hours spent outside, 63 million happier dogs, $130 billion in health care savings, and 135 million more victory beers!

If these numbers alone weren’t convincing enough, Mizuno’s philanthropic cause should be. Mizuno partnered up with Back on My Feet, a non-profit group that alleviates homelessness, and ultimately allows consumers and communities to convert miles into dollars to help the homeless get back on their feet. Consumers can download Mizuno Baton, a running app that tracks their run. For every mile accomplished, Mizuno will donate $1 to Back on My Feet.

Aside from transforming its consumers and community, Mizuno is keeping another key stakeholder group very happy – its retailers. Mizuno understands that retailers are its best marketing assets and by supporting them digitally with branded marketing content through Promoboxx, Mizuno is reaching local customers, increasing retailer engagement, and amplifying brand reach.

How Is Mizuno Making its Retailers Happy?

 1) Allowing Retailers to Do Good:

Mizuno is empowering its retailers to be a part of a great charitable cause by having them co-advocate for the #IfEverybodyRan campaign through social media. Retailers are able to aid Mizuno on a microscopic level by targeting and bringing campaign awareness to their own local community with Mizuno’s pre-existing national content of #IfEverybodyRan.

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2) Diversifying Content for Retailers: 

Instead of providing content that is product-focused, the #IfEverybodyRan campaign offers content that is conversational to consumers online. Whether the content is as hysterical as the 15-second Race Face video (shown below) or as compelling as the A World Transformed video, they all trigger consumers to engage with the content on retailers’ social media channels.

3) Providing Quick Access to Sharing Digital Content:

Mizuno is making its digital assets easily accessible for retailers to share in just a few clicks by having retailers enroll into the Promoboxx platform with a simple email invitation. Furthermore, Promoboxx also offers retailers campaign reporting features so they can view important performance metrics on each campaign they promote. Some of the data includes: consumer visits on a campaign page, Facebook insights, and traffic sources to campaigns.

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Transforming Brand Awareness and Lives

According to Ahmet Abaci, Mizuno USA’s vice president of Brand Marketing and Management, “Visits to the Mizuno web page went up 25 percent, Tweets rose by about 25 million, and people started following the company’s Facebook page at a rate four times faster than the month before,” since the launch of the campaign earlier this year. On top of that, the Mizuno Baton app has been able to raise a total donation of $25,468 (and still counting) for Back on My Feet!

Happy Retailers with Engaging Online Marketing Content

As for the retailers, Lauren Zimmer, Events and Marketing Coordinator of Salt Lake Running Company, sums up how Mizuno transforms its online marketing pretty well: “I think that Promoboxx and the marketing supporting from Mizuno is SUPER helpful. It is nice to already have the marketing material ready to go and be put on social media…We tend to stay focused on running events that give proceeds to charitable organizations…Running a Facebook page is difficult in itself, and especially if you don’t have anything to post! [Mizuno and Promoboxx] make my job easier and I thank [Mizuno and Promoboxx] for it!

So, what are you waiting for?

Join Mizuno and its retailers on Facebook and Twitter today to follow the transformative power of putting one foot in front of the other!

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