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B2R Marketing Success Secrets (Part 1): How To Get The Most Out Of Promoboxx

I recently received an email from a new Promoboxx client asking: What are the secrets to launching successful campaigns, and how else can I best leverage your platform?

I love getting emails like this because the answer continues to evolve as we launch more and more features. So, here it goes…

How To Get To 100% Retailer Engagement With Promoboxx

If you’re looking for 100% retailer engagement rates (yes, this is possible!) it’s not that complicated. We’ve already done all the hard work, research, and testing for you. Here’s what all massively successful campaigns have in common:

1. Massively successful campaigns make use of the Promoboxx Invitations System.

The Promoboxx Invitations System enables brands to alert retailers about newly launched campaigns via email. The invitation email contains a unique link that tracks the retailer’s actions telling the brand if they’ve successfully completed all steps (i.e. accept invitation, add store data, share campaign), or where they may have fallen off along the way. The unique link generated by the Invitations System prevents retailers from creating duplicate accounts on Promoboxx, and ensures the continued cleanliness of your retailer data.

2. Massively successful campaigns make use of the Email Notifications System.

The Promoboxx Email Notifications System allows brands to keep their launched campaigns front and center in the mind of both retailers and consumers. Brands use this feature to send emails reminders to their retailers of the, letting them know it’s time to promote the campaign again on their online marketing channels (i.e. website, email, Facebook, Twitter). The Email Notifications System also reminds retailers of updated brand content on Promoboxx, and well as campaigns that are about to start or end. This system single handedly keeps retailers excited and in-the-know on all launched campaigns.

3. Massively successful campaigns make use of the Group Management System.

The Group Management System was created to help brands better target and connect with subsets of their retailer base. This system is integrated with Promoboxx’s reporting features, so you can view and compare different groups to others. The best part about Group Management is that you can create any group around any retailer data criteria you’d like for a more targeted campaign. Examples include: regional groups, most active retailers, retailers with Facebook pages, etc.

4. Massively successful campaigns make use of Cross-Engagement.

Each Promoboxx campaign comes with a “Cross-Engagement” link. The Cross-Engagement link, included in the footer of each retailer landing page, says “Are you a retailer? Contact us to participate.” This simple link can generate up to 33% of retailer opt-ins because it leverages the competitive nature of retailers. They’re always watching each other.

5. Massively successful campaigns make use of the National View.

Promoboxx automatically generates a retailer agnostic campaign page, in the look and feel of the brand’s brand-to-retailer campaign, for the brand to share nationally. The National View localizes a consumer and directs them to the landing page of the closest retailer to them – allowing the brand to drive leads directly to its local retailers.

There you have it! Stay tuned for B2R Marketing Success Secrets – Part 2!