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Year in Review: Our Best Brand and Retail Marketing Content of 2016


With 2016 coming to a close, we have put together some of our most popular brand and retail marketing content to help you get ready for the new year, including:

  • Interviews with brand leaders and expert retailers
  • Insightful, impactful case studies
  • Promoboxx product updates
  • Tips and best practices for helping your local retailers succeed at digital marketing
  • Original retailer research on co-op advertising
  • And more…

Use these blog posts as guides and signposts as we move into 2017, and you’re on your way to making it your best year yet.

1. Promoboxx Doubles Down with New Retailer Experience [Product Update]

promoboxx retailer dashboard

Everything we do hinges on the core value, “Believe in Retailers.” To double down on this idea, we updated our platform to make it even easier for retailers to become the best marketers we know they can be.

2. Convert Impressions into Customers with Facebook Targeting

facebook targetingTake advantage of Facebook’s full targeting capabilities by bringing your retail partners into your advertising strategy. Here are three tips to help you reach the local customers that matter most.

3. Retailers Tell All [Co-Op Advertising Survey]

co-op advertising survey

Want to know what retailers are saying about co-op advertising? Check out the results of our co-op marketing survey, where retailers share their insights into pain points, how co-op could be made easier, and more.

“Retailers cite brand rules, guidelines, and restrictions as the main reason keeping them from participating in co-op programs. Cost and lack of co-op funds are a close second.”

4. Retailer Support Keeps New Balance One Step Ahead [Interview]

new balance retailer support

New Balance’s Head of US Run Specialty Channel Marketing, Tom Taylor, knows their specialty retailers represent the “pinnacle brand experience.” Hear how the brand supports the content needs of their retail partners while tackling local message consistency head-on.

“Consistent messaging in retail channels is a key strategy for us in North America. If we’re going to win, we need to show our best in these retail locations. In order to do that, we need to create solidarity in every retail location. It’s more impactful to tell our story that way.”

– Tom Taylor, Head of US Run Specialty Channel Marketing

5. 5 Obstacles to Local Marketing Alignment Between Brands and Retailers

local marketing alignment

National brands and local retailers can be a powerful duo for driving sales. The trouble is that many brands struggle with top-down connection and alignment. Find out how brands like GE Appliances, Nissan, and New Balance bridge this gap, winning retailer mindshare and the battle for revenue.

6. Al’s Sporting Goods Expands Digital Marketing Toolbox [Interview]

al's sporting goods

In our latest Retailers Rule interview, Al’s Sporting Goods talks industry trends, expanding their digital marketing toolbox, and how brands can better tell their stories in retail spaces.

“Moving forward, digital marketing is only going to become a greater part of our marketing mix as we continue to build our online presence and reach.”

– Nate Julian, Assistant Manager at Al’s Sporting Goods

7. Mohawk Flooring Earns Accolades for Retailer Digital Marketing Support

mohawk flooring retailer digital marketing support

For its Love Your Floor Sale campaign, Mohawk Flooring built upon its long history of empowering local retailers. Find out how the award-winning campaign helped Mohawk retailers drive increased foot traffic and in-store sales through digital marketing support.

8. The Top Digital Campaigns Showcasing Brands and Retailers

top digital campaigns showcasing brands local retailers

Chevrolet, Arc’teryx, Electrolux, Trek Bikes, Smartwool, and more are among the best of the best when it comes to supporting their local retail partners with digital marketing. Get inspired, and check out all of the highly impactful campaigns!

9. Top 5 Social Media Tips You Should Be Giving Your Local Retailers

retailer social media

Whether your retailer is selling cars, jackets, or anything in-between, they need to be using social media to engage local customers and amplify foot traffic. Here are five simple social media tips you can give to boost their (and your) competitive edge.

10. 3 Pain Points (and Opportunities) Retailers Will Face in 2017 

pain points

Let’s break down the three biggest pain points retailers face in 2017 and find the opportunities that can be spun from them.

“2017 is expected to be yet another year of retail disruption for both brands and (especially) the local retailers who sell their products. Out of these shifting tides, though, there are opportunities for retailers to evolve with trends and brands to provide support where needed.”

Cheers to a new year filled with success and opportunity! What are your top brand and retail marketing goals for 2017? We’d love to hear them! Share your thoughts with us on Twitter @Promoboxx.