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Over 65% of the Best Running Stores in America Use Promoboxx

Every year, Competitor magazine partners with Running Insight trade magazine to identify the 50 Best Running Stores in America, recently releasing the annual list for 2016. We congratulate all of the recognized retailers and are proud to say that over 65% of them use the Promoboxx marketing platform to easily promote content for the footwear brands whose products they sell.

Editor’s note: This blog post is an update to last year’s Over 40% of Top Specialty Running Shops in the U.S. Use Promoboxx.

How Were the Best Running Stores Selected?

According to Competitor, the whole process starts with readers nominating their favorite shops on There is then a rigorous evaluation process, including runner nominations, mystery shopping to assess customer service, credit ratings from vendors, and assessments about local programs and community commitment.

“When it comes down to it, the best stores in the country are the ones that are focused more on spreading the joy and passion of running than they are on selling running shoes, apparel and accessories.” Competitor

Specialty Retail: The Premiere Channel for Customer Engagement and Influence

Specialty retailers pride themselves on providing exceptional customer shopping experiences, working with expert product knowledge and an influence over their local communities. This is why leading footwear brands rely on their specialty retail partners to meaningfully connect with dedicated runners around the world.

Tom Taylor (Head of US Run Specialty Channel Marketing at New Balance) shares why specialty run retailers are important to New Balance:

“Over the last probably thirty years at New Balance, we have really built our business in the specialty channel. It’s where we started our distribution and where we’ve kind of built up our brand. You get the best experience at these specialty stores, and they really are the product experts.”

Understanding the importance of investing in the success of specialty retailers, brands like New Balance, Mizuno, Balega, and Superfeet partner with Promoboxx. By leveraging Promoboxx, these brands extend national messaging and amplify brand awareness at the local level, all while providing their retailers with an effective, easy-to-use digital marketing solution that drives in-store traffic.

Why the Best Running Stores Love Using Promoboxx

Congratulations to all of the stores that were selected for the top fifty! Here are just a few of those who are using Promoboxx to help with their digital marketing efforts:

A Snail’s Pacebest running stores a snail's pace

What are they saying about Promoboxx?

“I have found Promoboxx to be wonderfully intuitive and easy to navigate.”

Potomac River Running Storebest running stores potomac river running

What are they saying about Promoboxx?

“The platform is unbelievably streamlined. Having access to digital brand content at our fingertips whenever we want it is a huge benefit. The creative suggestions are very helpful, too.”

Run for Your Lifebest running stores run for your life

What are they saying about Promoboxx?

“I love the ease of use and access to high-quality brand content. The ability to schedule social posts is very helpful, as well.”

Fleet Feet Huntsvillebest running stores fleet feet huntsville

What are they saying about Promoboxx?

“Promoboxx is awesome! I’ve really enjoyed being able to use it to amplify our digital marketing efforts.”

Dick Pond Athleticsbest running stores dick pond athletics

What are they saying about Promoboxx?

“Promoboxx gives us access to high-quality ads that are ready to use with the click of a button.”

Big River Running Companybest running stores big river running

What are they saying about Promoboxx?

“Promoboxx saves me time on my digital marketing efforts and acts like an extra brain with creative ideas on our marketing team.”

Take a look at some of the awesome co-branded New Balance, Mizuno, Superfeet, and Balega campaigns as promoted by specialty retailers through Promoboxx:

mizuno local ad

Example co-branded Local Ad on Facebook for Mizuno

new balance

Example co-branded landing page for New Balance

superfeet facebook

Example co-branded Facebook share for Superfeet

balega twitter

Example co-branded Twitter share for Balega

Support Your Retailers with a Simple, Effective Digital Marketing Solution

To successfully engage local customers on digital channels and drive them in-store, specialty retailers like the ones above need access to a digital marketing solution that is not only effective but as easy as 1-2-3. This is where brands can step in and take the lead with a tool like Promoboxx.

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