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Why BioZyme Treats their Dealers Like Customers

What does dealer marketing mean to your brand? At BioZyme Incorporated, it means helping their retail partners create all-around stronger businesses. BioZyme, a growing animal nutrition company, teaches all employees to think about the dealers they work with as their ultimate customer because dealers are essential to the company’s success and growth. To better support their dealers with digital marketing, BioZyme turned to Promoboxx.

Promoboxx sat down with Kristi Stevens, Marketing Project Manager at BioZyme, to find out how the company uses education and motivation to build trust and encourage growth in their dealer marketing program. This approach ensures that their dealers are engaged and educated brand ambassadors who are excited about BioZyme products.

What is your favorite part about working at BioZyme?

This company is increasingly innovative and continues to grow quickly. The livestock nutrition industry is so unique and is going through a transition to digital, which is a great opportunity for our company and dealer marketing team. BioZyme is focused on dealer success and sales and that commitment to dealers makes me excited about the work we’re doing.

Can you speak to the importance of aligning dealers to BioZyme’s national brand messaging?

At BioZyme we focus on pull-through marketing, where we drive customers to our dealers, and once in-store, the dealer’s expert knowledge of the BioZyme products can make the sale. BioZyme focuses on providing the highest level of nutritional supplements to its customers with a priority on digestive health, and we want our dealers to feel confident sharing that message. Our brand has a strong national message and it is important that when customers come into the store they are seeing that same message, so it is a seamless transition from online promotions to in-store knowledge. It is a partnership – we know that when dealers spend time with the customer, they can provide the one-of-a-kind customer service that we can never fully achieve online.

BioZyme Dealer Facebook Post through Promoboxx

What can you tell us about the animal nutrition industry and your dealers?

The animal nutrition industry will always be a face-to-face business. We have many eager dealers who want to be part of these marketing avenues, but our biggest challenge was helping them find a solution. Promoboxx has made it very easy for us to do that – previously our biggest question from dealers was ‘what do I put on Facebook?’ and Promoboxx has helped us answer this question quickly and seamlessly.

BioZyme Dealer Meeting

What makes your connection with your dealers unique?

We have an in-house agency and a dealer can call in and ask for marketing help. We help them with custom marketing, mailers, and more. Many of our dealers don’t have the resources to do marketing so we help them out wherever we can because we not only want them to be successful selling BioZyme, but also as independent businesses.

We have a newsletter called ‘BioZyme VISION’ that teaches dealers how to run a prosperous business through tips for connecting with customers, accounting, marketing and more. We are really a relationship business and industry, and there is no way we could do what we do without the local connection and one-on-one experience our dealers provide.

We look for dealers who do business how we do, see things how we do, and treat customers how we treat them. We consider many of our great dealers to also be our friends!

What marketing strategies are your most successful dealers executing?

We promote an awards program with our dealers that focuses on two areas of success: action and growth. Through these programs, dealers can earn points for taking steps in these areas, and dealers who participate in our awards program grow the fastest. For example, we encourage dealers to host producer meetings where someone from our company comes in to talk to attendees about industry-specific topics like weaning or how to deal with particular animal nutrition issues. The dealers are earning points while also learning.

‘Education first’ is our dealer marketing strategy for social and digital, and dealers who take steps to educate themselves and participate in any marketing – like placing an ad on a local radio station, calling customers directly, or using Promoboxx – is rewarded.

We do a dealer retreat every year – the theme this past year was “Take the Time and Find a Way.” We are a small company, but we grow because that is how we approach things in our industry.

BioZyme Dealer Conference

Can you tell us more about why you decided to invest in your dealers with Promoboxx?

We found in 2017 there was a direct correlation between the increase in our web traffic to the increase in our sales, which reinforced how important it is to have an online presence. We drive the customers who visit our website to our dealer locator. We’re hoping that with Promoboxx landing pages we will drive increased consumer traffic to dealer locations.

BioZyme Dealer Landing Page through Promoboxx

How did you decide on Promoboxx?

We weren’t initially looking for a solution, but when we came across Promoboxx we knew it was unique. After we had a demo we heard from Area Sales Managers that they had seen Promoboxx in action in the field at dealer locations and they told us we needed to get on the platform. We saw that Promoboxx could be the answer to the continuous ask for help with social that we receive from our dealers.

What specific feature about Promoboxx has been the most successful?

We recently held our Promoboxx dealer webinar and we had a lot of interaction and questions from the dealers! Promoboxx will allow us to distribute digital marketing materials in a way where dealers have immediate access and can easily share on their own.

We’re excited to track progress and sales related specifically to the growth of the dealers who are using the platform. Dealers often question if customers who visit their website are actually coming to their store. We’re just getting started, but we are looking forward to the landing pages feature that will immediately connect the customers with the dealers and help answer this question for them.

Thank you Kristi for taking the time to meet with the Promoboxx marketing team. We are excited to be a part of BioZyme’s dealer marketing program!

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