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Brand Marketing Thought Leader Video Series Episode 1: Promoboxx’s Ben Carcio

This 60 second video series explores trends, challenges, and innovations of brand marketers in today’s marketing landscape. Ben Carcio, Co-Founder and CEO of Promoboxx, kicks things off. In this video, Brand-to-Retailer Marketing vs. Brand Marketing, Ben discusses why brands should care about helping their retailers market. Watch the video, or read the full interview below.

How are brands helping their retailers market today?

BC: Well, today when brands help retailers, they mostly help them with offline marketing. Things like point-of-purchase, in-store signage, yellow pages, newspaper ads, but they’re not doing anything to help their local retailers market online.

What is keeping brands from localizing their marketing efforts with retailers?

BC: It’s very difficult to work with small businesses, especially if you have hundreds or thousands of them. They are very difficult to work with and they tend to not focus on technology.

Why should brands care about helping their retailers market online?

BC: Well, to a brand, a retailer is the single most important customer they have. They write the checks, they sell the product, and they are always advocating their product to their customers. So, it’s critical that the brand supports their retailers so they can sell more products.